World’s End: Chapter 1, Part 1

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Sweet dreams are not made of this.

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World’s End: Prologue

Or the mountains at the end of the world, which is kind of the same thing, right?

*ahem* Anyway, I’m back and I’m bringing the Overworld with me for the last Wingborn adventure. Have fun, everyone ;)

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So it begins, again, in a dark cave on the far-side of nowhere…


14th Sun Month, 788 Cloud Era

THERE WAS SO much blood. Yullik stepped over the shattered remains of the door, feet crunching over charcoal, claws raking through ash. He had no words. He was hollow inside as he stared around the wreckage of what had once been his home.

Black blood covered the walls. Bodies littered the floor. Smoke still hung in the air.

His kaz-naghkt had been slaughtered.

For two hundred years he’d lived in these mountains, hiding, grieving, plotting and planning, brooding on his fate and nursing his hatred. For two hundred years he had been safe. No one had known where he was. No one had dared to look for him. He had been feared and reviled, and he’d liked it. His kaz-naghkt had terrorised the Overworld, made enemies of the mighty Rift Riders and finally brought them low.

Now this.

Yullik walked through the ruins of his mountain fortress, carved straight from the rock, buried beneath tonnes of ice, snow and stone. No one had known it was here. No one except for him. No human had ever found it. No human had even tried.

Bones cracked under his feet as he turned in a slow circle, taking in the death and destruction, the unmistakable signs of fire and magic.

For two hundred years he’d fought against the Overworld. For two hundred years he’d punished them for his existence. And he’d been wrong.

It wasn’t humans who deserved his hatred; it was dragons.

Clenching his fists until his claws dug into his palms and made them bleed, Yullik closed his eyes and breathed in deep, feeling the fire of his power rise within him, filling the hollow spaces, making him burn. The old rage ignited, but this time it was the dragons who would pay.

Claws clicked as his escort landed outside. He opened his eyes to a world washed in gold and stared at the unconscious Rider lying limp in his kaz-naghkt’s arms.

Yullik smiled and lifted the woman into his own. “Come, little Wingborn,” he crooned. “We have work to do.”

Thanks for coming back!

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Aquila’s War

Aquila's War Cover 1The Rift Riders are ready.
Yullik is waiting.
The fight for Aquila is about to begin.

After siege and exile, the Rift Riders have drifted around the Overworld for long enough. The troops have been gathered, the dragons are willing to help and everyone is ready to depart. Now they only have to get there.

While Mhysra, Lyrai and their friends prepare for the battle ahead and Yullik lays his traps, hidden on the far side of Aquila, Mouse and Nightriver have their own challenges to face. Despite everything, the mountain has a few surprises in store for all of them yet.

For Aquila is waiting to be won and the stakes are high. When war rocks the citadel, even the winners may end up losing…

Available Now!

 Smashwords || B&N || iBooks || Kobo
Amazon: US || UK || AUS || CAN || DE

The first three chapters can be found on the Wingborn serial page.

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Aquila’s War Updates

Aquila's War Cover 1The free online version of Aquila’s War is now gone. I hope no one was in the middle of reading it. If you were, it’ll be available on Monday. Or you can sign up to my Patreon and keep reading it online that way.

Pre-orders are up on Smashwords || iBooks || Kobo
(I can’t believe iBooks beat B&N. That’s never happened before.)

No Amazon pre-orders, since I’m still under my ban for messing things up last year. Hopefully I’ll be free of it by my next release – when I might actually manage to get everything ready in time for a proper pre-order (ha!).

If you’re waiting for the Google Play version, I’m sorry but there won’t be one this time. Google are doing everything possible to make it impossible for Indie authors to sell there. I can’t open my own account because they’ve been closed to that for years, and I can’t use D2D anymore because Google have stopped them from new submissions. Which leaves me out of options. I’m so sorry! (Feel free to take it up with Google ;)

World's End Cover 2Beyond that, World’s End (Wingborn 6) will start posting here and on Wattpad next Friday!

It’s already well underway over on Patreon, where we’ve just started Chapter Seven.

If you sign up today, you’ll be right on time to download your own copy of Aquila’s War tomorrow!

If not, I hope I see you back here next Friday for the final Wingborn adventure.

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Wingborn: What’s Next?

Aquila's War Cover 1In case you missed it, Aquila’s War is over. At least in serial form. But don’t despair, I’m working on the ebook right now, editing, polishing, typo hunting and hopefully making it as shiny as it can possibly be. If everything goes the way it hopefully should, the book will be out on July 8th. If I manage to pull myself together quickly enough, I might even manage a few pre-order links before then. We will see.

Another important date is July 5th. This is when I will remove the free version from here and Wattpad. Patreon members will still have access to the serial, but that’s all.World's End Cover 2

Speaking of Patreon, if you’re missing your twice-weekly Overworld fix, you might want to head over there. World’s End (Overworld 6) has already begun and will continue to update about a month ahead of here and Wattpad.

If you can’t (or don’t want to) sign up over there, no worries, the free serial version will begin on July 12th. Hope to see you then!

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Last Chance!

The Dragonlands series is still on sale, but only until tomorrow. Grab ’em now and get FOUR books for *less than a fiver! (*Depending on your location, but they’re still pretty cheap.)

You can find out more about all of them on the Dragonlands Series page. Or just click a link below.

1: Blazing Dawn
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2: Storm Rising
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3: Cloud Cursed
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4: Burning Sky
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Dragonlands Sale

Just a friendly reminder, in case you missed it, that all the Dragonlands books are on sale until Tuesday! Only .99 (or your local equivalent).

You can find out more about all of them on the Dragonlands Series page.

Or just click a link below.

1: Blazing Dawn
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2: Storm Rising
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3: Cloud Cursed
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4: Burning Sky
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Burning Sky is Out!

04 Burning Sky Cover 4In case you missed it – Burning Sky is out now!

Buy it. Read it.

Amazon: US || UK || AUS || DE || CAN
Smashwords || B&N || iBooks || Kobo

The rest of the series – Blazing Dawn, Storm Rising and Cloud Cursed – are also only .99 until Tuesday, 23rd April. Grab ’em while they’re cheap!

This book was a real pain to write and felt quite stressful to release, so I really hope you enjoy it. But if you’re still not sure if you want to give it a go yet, here’s Chapter 1, Part 2 to tempt you along. Featuring an anxious Rider and a very poorly dragon.

If you missed the first half, catch up here. Enjoy!

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Burning Sky

The Dragonlands series continues in the heat and heart of the desert.
04 Burning Sky Cover 4

Those who dance with fire cannot help getting burned…

The delegation is in trouble. Elder Khennik kin Blazeborn is sick, mistrust festers amongst the dragons, yet the Skylark travels onwards, bound by its diplomatic mission. Clan Sunlord is not known for its tolerance of humans, but the Rift Riders have no choice. The journey must go on.

The desert awaits, full of heat and passion and strange wonders, but each smile is tinged with cunning and betrayal is never far away. New dragons, new dangers, fresh troubles and deep prejudice lurk in the shadows of the Sunlord palace. The Dragonlands are changing, but this time even the strong might not survive.

Available Now!

Amazon: US || UK || AUS || DE || CAN
Smashwords || B&N || iBooks || Kobo

You can also review it on Goodreads.

Read on for the first part of Chapter One.

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Short Update

Firstly, I am on Twitter! Why now? Why has it taken me this long? Why am I so rubbish at social media and promo? There is no satisfactory answer to any of those questions that I can give, but I’m there now.

04 Burning Sky Cover 4

Secondly, Burning Sky (Dragonlands 4) is coming along nicely. Look it has a cover and everything.

You can read the first half of the first chapter right now on Patreon, and the second part will be along tomorrow.

You can also read the whole book right now if you’re signed up to the $5 tier.

I have plans to overhaul my tier system soon to make rewards clearer, but I need to get the book out first. For now the option to read early is there. Both the chapter and the book are early versions, so may change before publication, but I’ll update them as necessary.

I’m aiming at a mid-April release (15th hopefully), but that might change depending on beta-reader feedback.

In the meantime, Merry Wednesday, everyone!

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