Current Projects

This is where I keep track of what I’m working on right now, I’ve only just finished and what I hope to tackle next. Project word counts can usually be found on the sidebar, while progress chat and snippets are more likely to be found on my Patreon page. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below :)

Note: This is not a release schedule. Some of these books won’t see light for a while yet, but I often like to work on more than one thing at a time. I also might not ever get around to things on my Next Up list, because I am easily distracted and new stories are often shiny.

Newly Completed

  • Burning Sky (Dragonlands 4)
    It’s done! Whoop! Thanks NaNo for the extra push. I thought this book was never going to end. Needs a ton of editing, but I don’t care right now.
    Status: COMPLETE (yay!)
  • Thief’s Gamble (Untitled Series 0.5)
    An Overworld novella to kick off a new series. I had great fun with this. It’ll probably gain a few new chapters when I edit, though.
    Status: COMPLETE
  • Aftermath (Wingborn 6.5)
    A bonus Overworld novella – which is officially too long and can no longer be called a novella anymore, so I’m calling it a Bonus Book – tying up some emotional ends left over after the series finished. Lots of little subplots after the big one is done and completely self-indulgent ;D
    Status: COMPLETE
    Whew! NaNoWriMo was nice and successful this year. I’m exhausted *flops*

Writing Now

  • Ice Falls (Dragonlands #5)
    I don’t really know what I’m doing with this book, so that should be fun… hopefully.
    Status: Pending
  • Ruby and the Rocks (Spirits of the Moor 1)
    A middle-grade series about a girl on Dartmoor and the strange creatures she encounters there. Mostly rocks. Talking rocks.
    Status: Stalled (needs a major subplot revision)

Editing Now

  • Nothing at the moment, which is how I generally prefer it.

Next Up

  • Burning Sky (2nd Draft)
  • By Appointment to the Grim (Edit… maybe)

2 Responses to Current Projects

  1. Gabs says:

    Becca! Oh my goodness! I dont know if you’ll remember me – it’s gabs, (from elfwood!) i’ve been trying to find some of the old elfwood gang over the internet, it’s been AGES! I see you’ve certainly done amazingly well with your writing! I’ve purchased a few of your stories through amazon and they’re just as good as ever! Anyhoo i wont keep you longer i just wanted to say hi (eeee! I still cant get over how long its been!) i hope you’re well and everything’s good your way! :) take care :)

    • Becca Lusher says:

      Gabs! Wow, of course I remember you! Oh, those heady early Elfwood days when we were all so young and exceedingly energetic and strange XD

      Oh, thank you, my lovely, that’s so sweet of you. How are you and how have you been?

      It’s great to hear from you again *hugs*

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