My current free-to-read serial is The Mages of Royas Bay, the first in the Mages of Wrystan series. It updates once a week on Fridays. My Patreon supporters get it two days earlier on Wednesdays. A selection of related short stories and deleted scenes will also be posted there along the way.

The series is a Teen Traditional Fantasy tale taking place in a world steeped in magic, containing witches as well as mages. It also has mage-beasts which are magical familiars who mark out mages from the rest of the population.

You can read it for free here or on Wattpad and can keep up with all the chapters and updates on this page.

The Mages of Royas Bay
Mages of Wrystan Book 1

Lord Hawk Blake is the first mage-page in a generation, combining magical study with training to become a knight. Lady Sidony Roscoe has only just discovered her magic, but she already knows it will be strong. What neither of them know, as they travel together to the mage school of Royas Bay, is that something in the woods is both stronger and far more dangerous than they will ever be.

Azarien was born in a land far away from Wrystan and its famous mage school. All he wants is to find somewhere safe where he can study his magic. The problem for Arien is that there are plenty of others who refuse to let him try.

These three young mages are about to collide in a way that will change all of their lives forever. Because finding your magic is only the first step on the journey to becoming Mages of Wrystan.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: The ForestPart 1, Part 2
Chapter Two: CapturePart 1, Part 2, Part 3
Chapter Three: The Old WitchPart 1, Part 2
Chapter Four: The Hungry One
Chapter Five: Azarien
Chapter 6: RescuePart 1, Part 2
Chapter 7: Faron
Chapter 8: Royas BayPart 1, Part 2
Chapter 9: The Mage-MistressPart 1, Part 2
Chapter 10: WaitingPart 1, Part 2
Chapter 11: MaraPart 1, Part 2
Chapter 12: LessonsPart 1, Part 2
Chapter 13: Friends
Chapter 14: Mage SchoolPart 1, Part 2
Chapter 15: Magic LessonsPart 1, Part 2
Chapter 16: Night Town
Chapter 17: Veranon’s Price
Chapter 18: Silver RainPart 1, Part 2
Chapter 19: Showdown
Chapter 20: Light
Chapter 21: Mage Students