Aquila’s Originals

The Overworld has changed. The threat of the monstrous kaz-naghkt is no more, but the Cloud Curse remains. There is still a need for Rift Riders, even if no one quite knows what to expect from them anymore. One thing is certain, however, the Overworld needs Rift Riders and Rift Riders need new students.

Five years after the events of the Wingborn series, return to the Overworld and Aquila, as five new recruits from very different backgrounds test themselves to see if they have what it takes to not only become Riders, but to team up with one of the wondrous giant eagle miryhls and take to the skies.

An Ihran, a Havian, a princess in disguise, an atheist from a theistic society and the first dragon to ever train – they’re as original a set of misfits as Aquila is ever likely to see. But being different doesn’t always win them friends, and these five are going to need strong bonds to see them through the next three years. Because while the Rift Riders might have rebuilt Aquila, there are still ancient wounds that run deep on the mountain and threaten once more everything the Overworld believes in and stands for.

#1: Misfits of Aquila


Current serial.

Read for free right here or on Wattpad.

Ebook and paperback version to follow later in 2021.


#2: Outcasts of Aquila

Work in Progress.

#3: Heroes of Aquila

Title subject to change (depending how the plot of book 2 works out).