Wingborn Series

For over one hundred years, women have been banned from joining the Rift Riders. No one really remembers why, or much cares, it’s just the way things are.

Or were. Because the Overworld is in trouble. The vicious kaz-naghkt are growing in strength, the dragons have hidden themselves away and humanity has only itself to turn to for help. And front and centre, the pride and protectors of the Overworld, are the Rift Riders.

With their numbers dropping and recruits become hard to find, the Riders are about to make a drastic decision – to readmit women. And standing right at the head of the line is Lady Mhysra Kilpapan, daughter of an earl, niece of the best miryhl breeder on the Overworld, and Wingborn to Cumulo.

Girl and giant eagle were born to be Rift Riders – and now, thanks to the new proclamation – they can be. But getting in is only the start of the adventure, and Mhysra, Cumulo and friends are about to discover that the Overworld is a far bigger and more dangerous place than they could ever imagine.

#1: Wingborn

Wingborn Cover 3

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This is where it all begins, in the Lowlands and Nimbys and the halls of Aquila. This is the book where new dreams are forged and strong friendships made.

Some of which might even last a lifetime.


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#2: Rift Riders

Rift Rider Cover 8

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Mhysra and her friends might have survived their first year as students at Aquila, but becoming a Rift Rider is about more than just lessons and training.

Especially when trouble is brewing in the Wrathlen and the kaz-naghkt are looking for revenge.


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If you haven’t read Rift Riders, the following blurb contains spoilers.
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#3: Dragongift

Dragongift 1


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Aquila has fallen and the Rift Riders are homeless. Freshly settled in the heart of the Overworld, the kaz-naghkt are more dangerous than ever, especially when united with their pirate allies. Scattered and divided, the Riders are desperate to reclaim their home – but first they need help…


#4: Storm Wings

Storm Wings Cover 1*

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Trouble covers the Overworld and the Rift Riders seem further from home than ever, but there is hope in the darkness, even if the road to recovery is long.

An unseen threat moves in the shadows beneath Aquila. New dangers stir across the mountain, but whether for good or evil, only the gods of this cursed world can tell…


#5: Aquila’s War (Work in Current Progress)
#6: Worlds End