2: Historical Aekhartain

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All the Aekhartain have to start somewhere, and once Maskai and Shaiel finish settling in together, this is where the Tales of the Aekhartain really come to life.

From as far back as Roman Britain, right up to the Edwardian era, the Historical Aekhartain bound around in history, awakening undiscovered powers and strengths and weaknesses as the Aekhartain discover themselves and who they are for the first time.

This is just the beginning of the story, though, so prepare for many time jumps – and one or two appearances from some familiar faces (some of which are more obvious than others) – along the way.

Although the books are listed in historical order – which since time in the Aekhverse is lineal is also the order in which everything happens, even if I don’t write them that way – you can read them however you like. I would suggest starting with Unbound and Free, because Demairo/Demero is the first and will pop up frequently elsewhere. Beyond that, though, pick one and dive in!

UNBOUND AND FREE (Demero’s Tale)

Unbound and Free
Once there was an island,

And on that island, there lived a boy…

Set in Roman Britain (256 AD), Unbound and Free is a collection of four stories following Demairo across almost thirty years as he finds out where he truly belongs.

The Tales of the Aekhartain are about to begin. Stick a feather in your hat brim and come along for the ride.

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For more details and to read the first chapter, visit the Unbound and Free page.

Be With Me


If you want more from Demero, or fancy trying out my writing and this era with a little romance, Be With Me is a novella that slots into the middle of Demero’s stories.

It’s also FREE from selected retailers! Click for more information.



Cover - Dark Rebel

A shadow lies over the marshes of Dumnonia.

A man moves in the darkness. He is a whisper, a legend. He is the Dark Dumnonii… and he’s looking for revenge.

In the year 814 AD Egbert, King of Wessex, ravaged and conquered Dumnonia, but there were some who resisted. Eleven years on and the Britons refuse to be subdued. Now the king has returned and the rebels are waiting.

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For more details and to read the first chapter, visit the Dark Rebel page.


The Rebel Returns

The shadows are stirring, a tower will rise,
and thoughts of revenge are sweet.
It’s time to fear the darkness.

Can Nawaquí Caligo find a way to free himself from thoughts of blood and revenge, or is he doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past?

The darkness is coming and this rebel’s fight is far from over yet.

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For more details and to read the first chapter, visit The Rebel Returns page.


We’re following the Viking Slave Trade across Europe and under a cruel sun for Alamé’s Tale (Ruby Sunrise).

Then we’re going back to Iron Age Ireland, before Nawaquí’s adventures to uncover the truth about the mysterious Khani and her loyal wolves, and the unexpected friend who saves her from an eternity of silence (Colours of Life).