Dragonlands Series

In the year 579 Cloud Era, a new human ambassador takes up her position in the Dragonlands. Her role is to forge trade treaties, make alliances and form bonds of friendship between the two species. Accompanying her are more than a hundred Rift Riders, ready to protect the ambassador and play nice with the dragons.

On the other side, a delegation of three kin elders have been assigned to the humans, to guide them through the Dragonlands and keep an eye on all that they do. It’s politics and friendship, intrigues and scandals, and plenty of trouble waiting to happen.

This alone would be enough for any embassy or delegates to deal with, but the Cloud Curse that has covered the world for almost six centuries is growing stronger and old alliances are becoming strained. Change is coming to the Dragonlands, but no one yet knows whether it will be for better or worse.

All anyone can be certain of is that things on the Overworld will never be the same again.

#1: Blazing Dawn

Blazing Dawn Cover 2


The adventure begins…

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For more details and to read the first chapter, head to the Blazing Dawn page.


#2: Storm Rising

Work in Progress.

More to come soon…