3: Modern Aekhartain

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Moving things forward, this is the point where the Tales of the Aekhartain arrive in the kind of world we can all recognise. Mostly dealing with YA and NA themes, the battle for loyalties and loved ones is about to start as the Aekhartain begin taking sides. Prepare for plenty of familiar faces and rather a lot of poetry.

These can be read in any order, since most of them connect to later stories. However, one or two of them do overlap so check individual entries for more details.

Why is this page empty?

Because I’m currently taking a break from writing Aekhartain stories, but when I come back this is where I’ll be starting, so look out for changes here later on in the year. And see below for a brief insight as to what they may involve.

What’s Next for the Modern Aekhs?

Life is about to get cold and Shakespearean for Issie as she finds herself unexpectedly drawn to her new teacher. (Winter’s Chill)

Eddie returns home to find his life has been changed forever with the tragic death of his sister. When he goes in search of answers, though, he finds a whole lot more than he bargained for. (Darkest Night)

Poetry and dreams and art are the only solace Drae has in life, until he turns up at university and finds a whole other universe just waiting to be explored. Hang onto your Byron, things are turning sublime. (He Walks in Beauty.)