4: Future Aekhartain

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The Aekhartain are at war. This is where the Battle of Simton begins.

Stretching from the near future, where fuel shortages and social inequality changes everything we know for the worse, and stretching into a distant future shaped by such things, the Aekhartain remain predominantly fantasy but with a hint of sci-fi at the edges.

While I recommend starting with Orion’s Kiss (it’s always been a good access point) the Future Aekh books can be read in any order, although they do tend to fall into certain mini-series. See each entry for more details, but whether their future is near or far, there will be plenty of familiar faces to recognise along the way.

This is the point where Spot-the-Aekhs really comes into play.

Settle into your time machine and come along for the ride!



Orion's Kiss

Have you ever wished upon a star?

When Freyda arrived at the Institute she was just another orphan. By the time her two week quarantine was over she was an experiment.

Ten years on she remains a puzzle that the scientists cannot solve. Freyda needs help, but she has no one to turn to – except the stars she wishes on every night.

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For more information and to read the first chapter, visit the Orion’s Kiss page.

An Aekhartain Romance


This novella is a sweet little F/F romance follow up to Orion’s Kiss about wings, hope, love and gossip. There is a little magic here, but it’s mostly what Freyda and Dóma can make between themselves.

It’s also FREE from most retailers. Visit the Sing to Me page for details.

What’s Next for the Future Aekhs? And Why Is It Taking So Long?

I know, I know. I started here in 2014 and haven’t been back since. Sorry! There is a good reason for that, I swear. Before I come back and explore this setting properly I needed to set things up elsewhere, both in the Historicals and the Moderns. The good news is that the pieces are finally falling into place. That still means I likely won’t get back to this lot until 2017, but I haven’t forgotten them, I promise. Not least because some of these characters are my favourites.

So look out for Theiran, Anna and co to finally arrive in 2017, and hopefully Blitz, Zao and Rai will follow swiftly after. I might even finally get a chance to revisit the Sea-Fever bunch and revive Cíar and co. Please just be a little more patient with me. I just have too many stories to play with.