Person sitting on top of a huge granite rock

Becca Lusher grew up in the wild British Westcountry, caught between the moors and the sea. In love with the wild world she learnt how to fly birds of prey, gadabout on horses and to survive as the youngest of a big family all before she was a teenager. Sadly the years since haven’t been anything like as exciting.

Fantasy has been her favourite genre from as soon as she could read, starting with Alice in Wonderland and roaming far and wide. The works of Tolkien, Tamora Pierce, Terry Pratchett and Lois McMaster Bujold remain firm favourites, but she has also been known to venture into the romantic Regency worlds of Austen and Heyer and more contemporary authors. History and the natural world are her favourite non-fiction choices and you’ll find pretty much all of the above reflected in her stories.

Her first book, Orion’s Kiss, was released in 2014 and some twenty books have followed. Starting with the Tales of the Aekhartain universe, the Overworld was introduced with Wingborn in 2016 and there are now three series in that setting for readers to enjoy. The Mages of Wrystan is set in a different world again, of which she has many more waiting to be discovered.

A person perched on a massive rock, with a view over green countryside and hills.

She still lives in the Westcountry, caught between the moors and the sea, where she runs around with her dogs, gets bossed about by her cat and wanders far and wide both in her imagination and her beautiful surroundings every chance she gets. Unless she’s snuggled up under a blanket with book, dog and cat, of course. She can be summoned with chocolate, banished with cheese, and it is entirely possible that she is descended from lemurs. She also wishes on stars, because why not? It’s worth a try. Dreams always are.

You can contact her at becca@beccalusher.com or leave a comment on the blog.

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