Author Photo 2015 1 (blog)

Me atop Bench Tor June 2016

Hello, I’m Becca, a self-published author from the UK, where I live in the South-West and love running about in the outdoors. As you’ll probably have gathered by a quick glance around this site, my released stories mostly revolve around the Aekhartain, which are a group of (sometimes winged) immortals. I’ve been writing them for over ten years now, and have a whole heap of stories to rewrite and new ones to tell. Brace yourselves, because I’ve only just begun.

I’ve also just started serialising Wingborn, book one of my Overworld series, which is more of a traditional fantasy world, full of adventure, danger, dragons and giant, talking eagles. I first started writing that back in 2003, though the newest version is about five years old.

When I’m not writing I read a lot, walk my dogs, cuddle my cat, listen to music (classical, film soundtracks, pop/indie stuff, anything that catches my attention), do some gardening and a bit of yoga, and I take an awful lot of photos, preferably with rocks in them. However, since I’m a pretty uninteresting individual, my blog deals almost entirely with my writing with a few bonus photos thrown in.

If you have any questions about me, my writing, or anything that takes your fancy, feel free to ask, either below or email me – aekhtales@gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting!

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