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Happy Valentine’s Day

To celebrate Valentine’s Day and Release Week, I thought I’d share a couple of pieces that I’ve written as part of my Drabble-a-Day challenge (which I’m hoping to keep up all year). One is a proper 100 word drabble, the other is more of a drabble and a half.

It contains minor spoilers for Orion’s Kiss, so if you haven’t read that then you have been warned.

I’m hoping to work these two pieces into a longer story eventually, which I will probably make available for free either on here or on Smashwords – depending on how long it gets.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone. However you choose to celebrate it – on your own, with loved ones or if you ignore it altogether – I hope you don’t mind sharing the love.

Regardless, enjoy your weekend!

Love: Dóma (Shadow Garden extract -164 words)
Dóma was nervous. Putting the tray on the floor, she paused in front of a mirror to fiddle with her hair, laughing at herself. It was ridiculous. She felt giddy and nervous, happy and scared. Really, really scared. But mostly happy.
Her emotions had been a mess ever since Freyda arrived. She’d turned Dóma’s head upside down, and had no idea she had. Dóma had never been attracted to a girl before. Actually, she’d never been attracted to anyone. She hadn’t thought that sort of love was for her. Oh, she had friends, good friends. Like Eddie. She loved Eddie. Just not like that.
“You’re babbling,” she grumbled, grimacing at her reflection. She wasn’t beautiful and no amount of primping would change that.
Sighing, she picked up the tray again. Freyda was waiting. Butterflies filled Dóma’s stomach – giddy, nervous and scared, but mostly happy – as she knocked on her newest friend’s door and hoped Freyda would never know how she really felt about her.

Love: Freyda (Shadow Garden)
Dóma was late. Freyda tried not to pace, or fidget, or look so bloody obvious. She sat down, but within seconds started tapping her feet – to the tick of the clock that wasn’t there. The Shadow Garden didn’t even have clocks. Time had no meaning here. Yet Dóma was late; Freyda could feel it.
“Get a grip,” she scolded herself as she started pacing again.
All this fuss, for what? A woman who had no idea how Freyda felt about her. Freyda had no idea how she felt about Dóma either.
A knock. She turned and everything felt right again.

Merry Friday, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. Yay! You decided to post and share them! <3 They're so cute. I do hope you'll write this story someday and share it. <3 (But you already knew that.)

    *prods WP* Why are you giving me posting grief now?

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