Aekhartain, Writing

Weekend Writing

It’s so lovely to have a day when I don’t have to do anything other than write.

Even if it is a purely romantic piece. It’s been a while since I last did one of those. My skills feel rusty. Still, Dóma is a sweetheart, even if Freyda is clueless and needs to catch up. I’m getting to write Eddie (Edaiká) again, which is lovely. It’s been years. I also have a feeling Mask is about to get in on the act.

I wonder who else will show up.

Currently at 4K, but since I have no idea how long this story is going to be, I have no idea of my progress. Oh, well, back to the keyboard. At least I have Emeli Sandé to keep me company. For some reason this album (Our Version of Events) is really working for these two – unusually. Normally I don’t write to music with lyrics, but Freyda’s claimed My Kind of Love and Dóma’s insisting on River, which is kind of cute.


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