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Sing to Me is Out!

Tales of the Aekhartain
Vol. 1.5 – An Aekhartain Romance


An Aekhartain Romance

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It should also be free on Kobo and it’s distributors, but it won’t show up for me.

Dóma has always liked welcoming newcomers to the Shadow Garden, but there’s something different about the newest arrival. Freyda’s life was hard before she joined the Aekhartain, but that’s not it. No, for the first time in over a hundred years, Dóma might just be falling in love.

But does Freyda feel the same? And if she does, how will this most restrained pair ever admit their feelings for each other?

Luckily they’re in the Shadow Garden and they have one or two friends around to help them out.

This novella is a sweet little F/F romance about wings, hope, love and gossip. There is a little magic here, but it’s mostly what Freyda and Dóma can make between themselves.

For more information and an extract go to the Sing to Me page,

or Click a Link and download it now!

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