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Drabble 2: Shopping (Aekhartain)

Shopping is tricky when you’ve never done it before. Poor Freyda. (I may have to write more of this one day.)

Shopping: Freyda
Freyda stood on the busy street for a long time. Around her crowds of people rushed through their important days, while auto-pods hummed along the road. Inside London’s protective dome, the day was grey and cold.
Freyda didn’t notice. After one brief glance to check her clothes fit in, her attention was locked on the shop window.
Chocolate. So much chocolate. She’d never seen so many calories in one place.
“Lost something?”
Shooting Demero a harried glance, Freyda smiled weakly. “Just my mind.”
“Need a second opinion?”
She nodded gratefully and they pushed through the door. Buying gifts was hard.

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