What’s Becca Up To Now?

Since I’m currently running around busy with Real Life things at the moment, I thought I should stop by and give a brief update on what’s going on in my writing life right now.

Firstly, the new Freyda and Dóma short story (Sweetness and Shadows) is about to go through some edits, before being posted very soon. I’d love to say this Saturday (9th), but as time is currently messing me about, I’ll say definitely no later than the 13th August. As it turned out a little longer than I anticipated (when don’t my stories do that these days?) I’ll possibly need to split into a couple of entries. Don’t worry, though, I’ll add it all at once so you don’t have to wait.

Secondly, I’m also about to start work on re-editing Orion’s Kiss. I already have a new cover for it, to match Unbound and Free, so all it needs is a quick polish and it’ll go live everywhere. I know Kindle automatically updates (unless you’ve switched off that setting), but I think if you bought it through Smashwords you’ll possibly need to redownload it. As for everywhere else, I’ve no clue. I shall investigate before I post it and get back to you on that.

Thirdly, writing-wise I have this week just started my next story. This’ll be a freebie ebook (like Sing to Me) and it’ll focus on two characters from the Demero tales. It’ll be another romance, but M/F this time, and still set in the way-back-when.

Other than that I’m mostly mulling over ideas. I’ll see how the first of the Freyda/Dóma freebie tales goes, then I might write a couple more. I could probably add some drabbles while I’m about it, and I’d like to write a few “Further Adventures of Shaiel and Demero” at some point too. I’ve also got a photo post I want to make about a couple of the locations that cropped up in Unbound and Free, as well as a new author photo to add somewhere, somewhen. So many ideas, so little time.

As always, got anything to ask, say, add etc, then comment away, my lovelies! (Or if you’re shy, email me instead.)

ETA: New photo on the About page and at Smashwords. I’ve also finally got around to building author pages on Amazon.com and co.uk. Yeah, yeah, I’m so quick at these things…

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