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Orion’s Kiss Update

New updated version of Orion’s Kiss is now available!

Mostly it involved tidying up typos and stupid mistakes (like missing words *facepalm*), but the biggest changes are:

Orion's Kiss


  • New Cover
  • An adjustment of the Aekhartain language used to bring it into line with my new verb rules
  • Replaced the old ‘About Aekhartain’ section with the expanded version from Unbound and Free
  • Added blurbs from Sing to Me and Unbound and Free to the back





If you bought it from Kindle it should either update automatically, or you’ll get email about the updates. If you bought it from Smashwords then you can download it again (you’ll get a list, but please pick the one at the top, or else you’ll get all the mistakes that I’ve been arguing with Smashwords’ Meat Grinder about over the last few days – I am mystified as to how the same file can be fine one moment, then riddled with errors a few minutes later).

If you have the Kindle version, and you want to use the ToC to go to a certain chapter then click the number rather than Chapter because my links have fragmented. I know why, and I will fix it, but I want to finish fighting with Smashwords first before I make any more adjustments.

Speaking of Smashwords, if you’re about to re-download from there, you might want to leave it a few days while I iron out the last few bugs. (Right now we’re fighting over why it didn’t just convert it to the Sony Reader LRF version – oh, no, it’s just gone through again without issue. I shall now cautiously start checking it for any unseen errors…)

Ah, the joys of epublishing, right? ^__^

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