Kalan Gawv Lowen!

Happy First Day of Winter! Or Merry Samhain, or Happy Hallowe’en, or Yes! It’s Friday! Whatever today means to you, I hope you’re having a good day.

Now for a quick update of what’s going on around Beccaland right now.

Writing: I’m currently finishing up the next Aekhartain book, Sisters of Icarus, which is the first of a trilogy telling of Shaiel’s origins, how the Aekhartain were formed, and explains more about that pesky island. As with everything Aekhartain it’s an awkward thing to describe, because the first book is a romance, but the ones that follow aren’t. Oh well, more on that later.

NaNoWriMo: Anyone taking part? I’ve never been an official participant, since I spend too many months writing novels as it is ;) but I sometimes like to set myself an unofficial challenge. This year I want to write something that isn’t Aekh-related, so I’ll be trying to finish an old story I’ve had lying around for a few years. It’s a M/M tale about a healer mage student and a squire, and is a much more traditional fantasy than the Aekhs. I’ll be posting bits and pieces as I go, if anyone is interested in reading along, and maybe encouraging me to finish it, that would be great. I already have a fair chunk, which is handy since I want to finish Sisters first. If there’s anyone out there who wants a cheerleader to help them through the month, let me know. I wave a mean pom-pom!

Reading: I have read some amazing books over the last few months, so I’ll have to find time to make a few recommendations. My current favourite thing is Rebel Wing by Tracy Banghart, YA Sci-Fi at it’s absolute best. Read anything good lately?

And that’s about all I can think of for the moment. Hope all’s well in your own worlds and that life is treating you kind. Have an apple of good fortune from me.



6 thoughts on “Kalan Gawv Lowen!”

    1. :( Sorry to hear your writing’s still playing you up. I hope it settles down and sorts itself out soon.

      My Nano challenge has ground to a halt, which might be for the best. I think Tobi+Faron deserve more care and attention than a hurried NaNo attempt. (Well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it ;)

      1. This is only half of what I’ve already written, so there is a bit more to come, I just haven’t got around to posting it yet. I’m still trying to decide whether to put it up here or to move the whole lot over to LJ. Do you have a preference?

      2. I’ve asked Panth for an opinion, so we shall see. No doubt you’ll make me decide *sigh*

        ;D Thank you for reading, I’m so pleased you’re enjoying it.

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