So it Begins…

Happy 2016, everyone!

I hope you had a good holiday season, celebrating it in whichever way was most enjoyable for you. I saw lots of family, did quite a bit of reading and seem to have lost track of all time and so am still flailing around trying to catch up.

Nothing new really.

I have all kinds of plans for the new year, but since I’m still ironing out most of the creases and I always tend to have more ideas than I can ever put into practice, I’ll keep quiet about them until they’re ready to launch. Instead I shall say edits on The Icarus Child are in progress and I’m aiming for February 2nd as a release date. I could have gone for mid-January like the other books, but Feb 2nd is not only Imbolc, the start of Celtic spring, but it’s Icastar/Shaiel’s birthday so it appeals to me.

Thus far I’ve edited the first section of IC and I don’t hate it, so progress is good at the moment. Fingers crossed it’ll stay that way.

Elsewhere, the big end of year sale is now over, so prices will revert to normal over the next day or so. If you still want to grab a bargain, be quick because time is ticking.

Thanks to everyone who supported me last year, you’re all wonderful. Here’s for an even better 2016!

Brace yourselves for Shakespeare, lots of poetry (not mine, thankfully), loads of things with wings, giant talking eagles and something that may or may not contain Vikings. And if I have time I might even throw in a dragon or two. Sounds exhausting, but hopefully it’ll be fun and exciting too along the way.

In the meantime – Merry Wednesday, all!

3 thoughts on “So it Begins…”

  1. Happy 2016! It sounds like you had a very lovely holiday. Or at least I hope you did. Any holiday with quite a bit of reading can’t be all bad, right? :)

    Nice work on the IC edits. I can see I’m going to have to hurry up my own reading.

    I hope winter is being kind.

    1. Yeah, for the most part it was pretty good. Not too different from normal, really, except for the family weekends ^__^ Reading is always good.

      The good news is that once IC is done, I’m taking a little breather (ha) so the next book probably won’t be out for a few months. Well, maybe. I don’t know. Issie is up next, so I guess I’ll have to wait and see what she gives me.

      Winter is being strange, but since we haven’t been flooded (living on a hill is always helpful) I really cannot complain. It’s been beautiful today and I saw two buzzards and a sparrowhawk earlier, so that is definitely all to the good. I hope you’re enjoying your summer!

      1. Taking a breather is a good idea, especially since I know you’ve been working so hard on the Icarus Child trilogy. Issie will make a nice change of pace, but I’m sure she’ll be difficult in her own way.

        Summer has been lovely, but a bit of a roller-coaster in terms of the weather. We’re in the middle of a hot phase at the moment and are expecting 36C today.

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