Aekhartain, Updates

Release Updates!

Cover_3 Icarus ChildThe Icarus Child now has its own page and seems to be available almost everywhere except B&N. I’ll be adding that link as soon as I see it.

It’s also up on Goodreads now, so you can add it if you want to.

I’ll also be tinkering with this site over the next few days, so if you see any changes you hate, let me know ;)

Other than that I have one more Secrets of Icarus post to do, and then I’ll start talking about what’s next on the project list. I’m planning a hiatus from the Aekhartain for a few months, so expect a few changes around here…

There may also be a Photo Friday, depending on how much time I get and how quickly my next writing project sinks its claws in. How exciting!

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