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Drabble 3: Assignment (Aekhartain)

Freyda’s really getting the hang of this friendship thing, plus bonus Drae (because any Drae is always a bonus).

Tuesday 24th – Assignment: Freyda
“You can open doors to anywhere, right?”
Freyda looked up from her book and frowned at Drae. Not because of the question, but because he’d tracked her down. They’d become good friends over recent years, but their meetings were usually planned or happy accidents.
If Drae had searched her out, this was serious. She put down her book. “What do you need?”
He smiled. “Do you know Simmouth Library?”
“At the Institute?” she asked hesitantly, because it was the one place she wouldn’t go.
“No.” Drae shook his head. “In town. Can you take me, please? I have an assignment.”