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I finished the first part of Demero’s book today, a rewrite of the story Jealousy’s Shadow. The original is from 2006 and I always remember it being better than it actually is. Which makes me sad when I look back over it and wonder where I went wrong.

Well, hopefully this time I’ve got it right. It’s fifty thousand words, which is quite a bit longer than I intended (and over twice the original), but hopefully much better for it. I wrote 6,500 words this morning, determined to finish it, and I did! Thank goodness for public holidays!

Now all I have to do it read it through, check my research, coax some of my lovely friends to read it, then crack on with the next Demero story. Hopefully that one won’t be quite as long, the original is barely 10K, but then again the original Orion’s Kiss was somewhere around 7,000 words, so old word counts mean nothing.

I guess it all depends on whether I massively change the setting or stick with the original. Both have their bonuses, but a new setting means new research… I wonder how lazy I’ll be feeling in a couple of weeks?

2 thoughts on “Victory!”

  1. *chuckles* You do a lot of coaxing us, do you? Funny, I never noti– Oooh, a carrot. *runs after it*

    I’m really looking forward to reading Jealousy’s Shadow. It’ll be an all-new tale to me! SO MANY SHINIES. <3 I hope you'll enjoy the polishing up, hun. GO YOU on finishing it today! <3<3<3<3

    1. On reflection I mostly bribe you all, with drabbles and Aekh-boybands, Grim tales, ‘Pi and Drae. Coaxing would probably be easier, though slightly less fun ^__^

      It’s pretty much an all-new tale, even for those who read it before, except for the setting and how it ends. Kind of like OK that way.

      Polishing can wait. I got hit with an idea for the filler tale today, and a whole new plot for updated Unbound and Free landed as I was waking up. So much more fun than checking my research :D

      *snugs* Thank you, my lovely!

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