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Coombestone Tor, April 2012 Dartmoor
Coombestone Tor, April 2012

These last two weeks I’ve been working on Unbound and Free, the second half of Demero’s story. I had such great plans for it, using it as a blatant excuse to let my characters roam around Dartmoor, coming into contact with all those giant granite tors I love so much. Sadly, the story had other ideas. I hate it when my plots don’t do what I want them to. However, I hate it even more when a story I’m reading makes no sense whatsoever, and there really is no good excuse why certain elements of this plot should end up on the moors.

Rubbish. I hate the change even more because the new way doesn’t only make more sense, it just works better, by tying the first story, Jealousy’s Shadow, neatly into the second. It’s one thing to find out my first idea was wrong, but it’s really annoying to find out it was rubbish too.

Ah well. After a week of rewriting, I’ve finally passed the point I’d reached in the first version and can now forge on anew. Which means I now have no idea where the story is going, so the next few writing days should prove interesting. I know where I want it to go (sort of), I just don’t quite know how to get there (yet). Which is pretty much business as usual for me.

At least Shaiel’s about to show up, so things will finally take a firmly Aekhartain-esque turn. Funny dreams — check. Over-familiar birds hanging around, preferably of a corvid persuasion — check. Some incomprehensible mumbling in a made up language — check. Someone wishing for wings — check. An author with no idea where the story is taking her, but vaguely hoping it will get to the point before too much longer — check, check, check!

By Jove! I think it’s an Aekh tale after all! XD

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