Merry Midwinter!

Okay, so that was yesterday, but picky, picky. Merry Mid-December, everyone! However you happen to celebrate it, if you do at all, then I wish you all the joy of the season.

I also need to make some apologies, because Sisters of Icarus isn’t out. Nor is it going to be for the foreseeable future. I’m shelving it for the moment because I’m not that happy with it as it stands, and I’d also like to finish all three books before I release any of them. My lovely beta readers agree with me, so sorry if you were waiting for it. If you’d like to read it as it stands, and don’t mind helping me make it better, by all means leave me a comment or email me. I’m always looking for more betas, though I’m pretty sure it’s a thankless task with the amount of stuff I write.

So no new book before 2015, sorry about that. I might, however, have a short story – it all depends on how much free time I get between now and Jan 1st. It’ll be Shaiel and Demero if it does materialise, but if it doesn’t then it’s because I’ve been hijacked by an Anglo-Saxon rebel. Actually he’s not Anglo-Saxon at all, that’s where the trouble starts, but more of that in the New Year.

Speaking of which, next year looks to be interesting in terms of releases from me. Not only do I plan to keep on releasing the Tales of the Aekhartain, as well as the Icarus Child trilogy, but with any lucky I’ll be unleashing the Overworld too. More things with wings, but this time set on another world. Fantasy, giant eagles, skyships and an elite fighting band – sound like fun? Look out for updates on Wingborn, coming soon!

In the meantime, happy holidays!

4 thoughts on “Merry Midwinter!”

  1. Merry Midwinter! Midsummer here was gorgeously sunny and followed by storms the next day :D

    Sorry to hear that Sisters of Icarus is not behaving itself. Perhaps a new year will help. At least you have plenty of other stories to keep you busy in the meantime. I’m looking forward to seeing some Overworld stuff.

    Hope your holiday has been peaceful and joyous.

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