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October Overworld Takeover!

It’s been a while since I last updated, so I thought not only was it time to catch up, but since it’s a new month and I have a new Overworld series about to begin, why not have an Overworld October?

Changes have been afoot for me. Mages of Royas Bay has finished and I’ve shut down my Patreon (for various reasons). Hopefully this means I’ll have more time to post here. Starting tomorrow with a brand new book from a brand new series, set in a very familiar world.

Misfits of Aquila
Aquila’s Originals Book 1

On a world cursed to be covered in clouds, the elite eagle-riding Rift Riders rule the skies. Five years after the events of the Wingborn series,  a new class is ready to join them – but this year’s crop is unlike any other.

The first Ihran to ever to train as a Rider; a rebellious princess in hiding; an atheist cast out of a deeply religious society; a student from the land where Riders are banned – and Rhiddyl. The Riders have never trained anyone quite like her before.

But it isn’t so easy to reach Aquila, the Rider’s legendary home. First they must pass the selection school and face the Choice, where they will be united with their eagle companions in a bond that will last the rest of their lives.

No pressure.

Welcome back to the Overworld. A new adventure has begun.

If you’ve never read an Overworld book before, don’t worry. While some of the background characters might be familiar to longtime readers, this is a brand new series, no prior knowledge needed. Jump right in and (hopefully) enjoy!

But this isn’t all I’ve been working on. Oh no. Four years after the first Overworld ebooks were released, I finally have something long planned for and promised on the way…


If you’re an old school reader and prefer to hold real books in your hand, I am finally about to have something for you. They’re not ready yet and still need a fair few tweaks here and there – I haven’t even ordered proofs of the last three yet. But they are coming. Finally.

I hope to have release details about Wingborn over the next few weeks, with the others to follow on a roughly monthly basis after. But books! Real books! Ones you can hold in your actual hands. I might even go completely wild and release the Dragonlands too while I’m at it.

But that’s probably a project for next year. Right here and now it’s all about Misfits and Wingborn, and I might even throw in a few extra stories, deleted scenes and drabbles in if I’m feeling so inclined.

Possibly a paperback giveaway, if anyone’s interested?

We’ll see. I have no real idea what Overworld October will entail, so feel free to make requests. For now, though, I shall hope you’re all staying safe and well, and taking care of yourselves and your loved ones. I’ll be back tomorrow with a brand new adventure.

Merry October, everyone!


World’s End is Out!

Aquila lies broken, but the Rift Riders are victorious. They have their home back and the kaz-naghkt have been almost wiped out. But not quite. Yullik ses-Khennik has escaped, and he did not go alone. Not only are there a handful of kaz-naghkt left to threaten the Overworld, but Lady Mhysra Kilpapan has been taken. And her friends will do anything to get her back.

With Cumulo and Lyrai in the lead, a small band of Rift Riders will journey into the west for the final showdown bringing Riders, dragons and Yullik together one last time. World’s End is waiting and the fate of the Overworld hangs in the balance. Who will win and who will die?

The final Wingborn adventure has begun.


Out now!

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If you missed or didn’t read the serial, you can still read the first three chapters.

Thank you to everyone who joined me on this Overworld adventure. The story isn’t over quite yet, but more about that later in the week.

Take care, my lovelies xx

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World’s End is Coming!

It might feel like only yesterday since I last released a book, and yet at the same time feel like forever ago that I finished the World’s End serial, but regardless, the ebook is finally coming.


On Monday, May 18th, you can have a copy of your own.

My Patreon supporters already have theirs, but everyone else can pre-order it from all the usual suspects.

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Chances are you already know what it’s about. It’s quite possible you’ve read it all. However, if you’re someone who hates serials and prefers to wait for the final book, you can find more information and sample chapters on the Wingborn Serial Page.

Proper release post to come next week, and more information about the follow-up short novel to follow soon.

Take care, my lovelies xx

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Quick Question (and a Poll)

Is there anything I can do to help you right now? In reading/escapist terms, that is.

It’s a tough time for many, lots of people are scared and worried, others are fed up of being stuck indoors, and there’s never a bad time to read more books, right? So here are my plans or potential offerings. Feel free to add your own thoughts below. And don’t forget to vote in the poll at the end!

  1. Sale!
    This would be a sale on the Dragonlands books for two weeks, including making Blazing Dawn free for the duration (everywhere except Amazon). It should also, hopefully, tie in with the release of Book 5. After that I’ll do a two week sale on the Wingborn series. After that… we’ll see.
  2. New serial!
    While I would love to make this Aftermath, the bonus Wingborn novella, I’ve promised that to my Patreons. I would also love to make this the new Overworld series, but that isn’t close to being ready to enter the world. Instead this will be a new series, from a new world, but still hopefully every bit as enjoyable as the Rift Riders. Personally I love the characters in the Mages of Royas Bay, and I’m hoping you will too.
  3. Both is good!
  4. OR Something completely new and entirely fluffy!
    I can’t actually make any promises about this because I’m busy with editing right now, but wouldn’t it be nice to read something where nothing bad happens? I don’t write these sorts of stories often, except as very short things, but it’d be nice to give it a go. It would probably be a weekly update and I’m not at all sure what it would be about. I have been considering writing a Rhiddyl adventure novella to explain how she runs away from the Cleansed Lands to join the Rift Riders, but I’m not sure if I could spin that out for very long.
    If you have a suggestion/request, feel free to post below. It might spark an idea in the brain, although I can’t promise it.

All right, them’s your options. Vote, please! You have a week to think about it. And if there’s something else I haven’t thought of, please let me know.

And that’s it from me today. Thanks, everyone! Dhori’s Homecoming tale will be posted on Friday and Sunday.

Take care, my lovelies xx

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World’s End Delay

Hey, everyone, I’m so sorry there haven’t been any updates this weekend. Unfortunately I’m dealing with a serious illness in the family and will be for the foreseeable future.

I wanted to get the latest chapters ready for you, but time has sadly not been on my side lately. I’ve been flat out all week and simply haven’t had time to edit anything. (My poor writing laptop hasn’t been switched on for about a month. I’m sure it’s forgotten what power feels like.)

I’m hoping to get a little time over the next week to edit a bunch of chapters and schedule them for release, but lots of things keep breaking alongside all the other stresses, so I’m not making any promises.

However, if you don’t mind reading the unedited version, you can find the newest chapters every week on my Patreon. My paid Patrons are already two months ahead, but I’ve been unlocking chapters in time with all the other free updates, so you can always read them over there if I fail to update here. (Don’t worry about the stars. They’re all scheduled to unlock whether I update the links page or not, so click about and see where it gets you ;).

Thanks, as always for reading, and sorry again for falling behind.

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Google Play Update

Aquila's War Cover 1Sorry for the delay, Google Books readers, but I’ve fixed the issue and can now publish direct to Google Play. In theory this means future releases shouldn’t be a problem, but we’ll see.

Grab your copy now!

I’ll be adding the Dragonlands series there too throughout the month, so if you want more Overworld, it’s heading your preferred reading way soon.