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So About 2015…

I have some plans. I like making plans, even if I rarely stick to them. I thought I might share some of the ones I have lined up for this year.

During January I hope to write the next Aekhartain release. I’m currently neck-deep in Dark Rebel and mostly enjoying my traipse across the 9th century landscape. I don’t know how long it’ll be yet, because this is a completely new story. I had to scrap the original because it doesn’t fit any longer with the timeline or the world setting. Oh, and it’s rubbish.

The rest of this release (Letters from the Dark and Dark Words) will hopefully just be updates of the originals, because although they have their faults they still capture Nawaquí/Caligo better than anything else. I might also be adding something extra at the end. I guess it depends on the word count.

So writing, rewriting, editing and all willing I’m hoping to get this out by February/March. We will see.

Elsewhere this month I plan to clean Unbound and Free of typos and other mistakes, and release the updated version. I’ll also be bumping the price up to $2.99, so this is a first warning. I’ll issue another one when I have a better idea of the timeline.

I also need to find time to read through Wingborn for a quick edit, before I go begging my beta readers for some assistance. This will be the first of the Overworld books, which are pure fantasy and involve people flying around on giant eagles. Yes, giant eagles. More to come nearer release time, but I’m aiming for May *fingers crossed*

Those are my plans for January, though I’m hoping to have tackled them all before the end of the month. As for the rest of the year, well, my optimistic release schedule currently reads like this.

Dark Rebel (Historical Aekhartain) – February/March
Wingborn (Overworld #1) – May
Sisters of Icarus (Icarus Child #1) – July
The Crying Child (Icarus Child #2) – August
The Icarus Child (Icarus Child #3) – September
Possible Overworld novella freebie – ?
Winter Nights (Modern Aekhartain, Issie and Eddie’s stories) – November/December

There might be more freebie novellas, though ideally I’ll be posting free short stories here instead. I suppose it depends on big they end up and how much time I have, both to write and edit them, as well as prep them for a big release. There’s also a possibility that I’ll release the second Overworld book too, since it’s already written. I guess it depends on how well the first does. For now the year seems busy enough. I’m also hoping to post here on a more regular basis, but we shall see.

In the meantime I have a story to keep writing and plenty of stuff to edit. Anyone else got any big plans for this year?

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