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It’s Rift Riders Weekend!

As promised, the second Wingborn book is about to begin! And will continue over the weekend as I post the prologue and complete first chapter in all the usual places.

Before I get into all that, though, I’ll be making a few changes this time around.

  1. No Wednesday updates.
    The main reason why I’m serialising this book rather than sitting on it for a few months and releasing it whole is because I need time to work on the next few Dragonlands books before spoilers start showing up. But although this book is almost the same length as Wingborn, it has fewer chapters. Since I think I’ll need more than twenty weeks to get going, I’m afraid it’ll be twice weekly updates only this time around.
  2. No Cloudy Chapter Headings.
    This is mostly down to laziness on my part. Also, I’m pretty much out of good photos I can turn into Overworld scenes. Besides, this book is not peaceful and I’d really need some Aquila images. Which I don’t have. So no headings, not that I think anyone will care but I thought I’d say it anyway.
  3. Available for a limited time only.
    Unlike Wingborn, which I plan to leave up for free for the foreseeable future, as well as in free ebook format, I do plan to charge for Rift Riders eventually. This means you’ll get the serial for free, but I’ll be taking it all down a month after I’ve reached the end. Then I’ll release the ebook. I’ll put out warnings and reminders before I remove it, but try not to leave it too late.

Other than that, this should all go much the same as the last book did. Except with more action and cliffhangers, because Stuff Happens in this book.

Oh, here, have a blurb:

Rift Rider Cover 8On a world cursed to be covered in clouds, protected by the elite Rift Riders who fly on the backs of giant eagle miryhls, Lady Mhysra Kilpapan and her friends are making history. Women are now firmly back within the Rider fold and the future looks bright.

But even though Mhysra and her Wingborn Cumulo have survived their first year as students, there’s more to becoming a Rift Rider than lessons and training. Especially when trouble is brewing in the Wrathlen and the kaz-naghkt are looking for revenge.

Return to the Overworld for the next exciting Wingborn adventure, where strength, loyalty, honour and friendship are about to tested to their limits – and beyond.

The Wingborn ebook is coming too, I promise. I had hoped to have it ready to go this weekend, but these last three weeks have been largely spent being invaded by family. Which is never a bad thing, because I love getting to see my family, and playing with my nephews and nieces is always awesome, but it does diminish my free time just a tad.

However, next week will be free, so I intend to whip Wingborn into shape and set it free into the world as soon as possible. Then, finally, I can turn my attention to Storm Rising, because one of the new characters has headed off in a totally new direction while I wasn’t paying attention, and I have no idea what they’re up to. Esten has also decided that he will be one of the POV characters in this book, which… should prove interesting.

They’re supposed to be passing through this one not very interesting place before heading to the Dragon Moot so deals can be struck and Khennik can get the help he needs, but something warns me that all the interesting stuff is going to happen in the dull places, while the Moot will be really boring.

Urgh, dragon wrangling. Why did I ever think writing them was a good idea?

Well, enough with the wingeing. I have Rift Riders to post and another weekend with family up ahead. Here’s hoping you have something equally enjoyable to look forward to!


2 thoughts on “It’s Rift Riders Weekend!”

    1. I find myself missing them too. At the moment I don’t have any time to make some new ones, but maybe, once things have evened out a bit, I’ll try and rustle up some more.

      Oooh! Thank you, my lovely, that’s very kind. I may just take you up on that offer.

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