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Wingborn is Out!

Wingborn Cover 3I’m fairly sure some people have already noticed this but…

It’s out!

You can now get your own free ebook copy, which has been typo-checked and slightly edited since the serial.

Find it free at Smashwords, where you can get epub, mobi and pdf formats, amongst others.

More free links to come when they’re available.

It’s also up on Amazon, but as always, the only way I can guarantee it being free is to have it exclusively on Amazon. Since I’m not going to do that, you may have to pay for it. If you buy through Amazon. If you do want a copy for your kindle, the free Smashwords mobi should work just fine (even if it did frustrate me to no end when I was sorting it out yesterday, so it had better be okay!).

It’s also up on Goodreads if you want to add it to your reading list or leave a review… which would be amazing if you could. Hint hint.

More links to come (including the Amazon ones) in a few days when they’re all up and available and I’ve had more than four hours sleep and so am less like a zombie.

Merry Tuesday, all!

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