Anyone for NaNo?

Gidleigh Common, Oct 2nd 2016

Yup, it’s almost that time of year again. With November only a week away, who’s giving NaNoWriMo a go?


Now that Storm Rising is finished – and after a read-through, not needing as much work as I’d feared – I plan to tackle the third Dragonlands book, Cloud Cursed. Mostly because I need to get as far through this series as possible so I can make sure the spoilers that show up in Wingborn #3 are actually true. (Hopefully by the time I get there, I should have written up to DL5, even if I won’t have released them all yet.)

Of course, best laid plans and all that, so take the above paragraph with a pinch of salt.

I have a strange relationship with NaNo and have never officially taken part. Mostly because I already know I can write a novel in a month if I push myself. Also because the one time I tried it, I found out the last week of November would be lost to family commitments, so I sort of went overboard and got over-competitive with myself and ended up three weeks in with an 85k+ MG novel that wasn’t even finished yet – and a massive headache.

So… this could be interesting.

As things stand, I know a fair bit about where I want this book to head – which is a first for this series – but I’m sure there are many surprises and plot twists just waiting to spring themselves on me. Because that’s what always happens.

I can’t quite decide whether I’ll actually sign up properly or not. On the one hand, yay, connecting with other writey people! On the other hand, eep, connecting with other writey people. I’ll keep thinking about it.

But enough about me – Who else is accepting the challenge this year?

Do you have plans? A strategy? Are you just going to wing it? Do you do it properly or are you are shady lurker like me? Or do you prefer never to think of those four letters together except in very, very small ways?

4 thoughts on “Anyone for NaNo?”

    1. The commitment is what’s making me hesitate to sign up fully. Not so much the writing, ’cause I know I can handle that, but joining the community and maybe having people holding me to account for the foolish targets I set myself – meep!

      With everything else you’ve already got going on, I’d be astonished if you had time for NaNo as well. I’m not sure November is the best month for such things – then again, when would be better?

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