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NaNo Report, Part 1

So November is here and NaNo has begun, but rather than spam everyone with daily updates on my progress, I thought I’d go for weekly instead. Since this month ends on a Wednesday, I figured a Wednesday update would work best. However, since I had something else to post yesterday, I’m doing it on Thursday. Which is a great start! Um…

Anyway, it’s Day 3 and, since I get up early and write in the morning, my count for the day is in. It’s going quite well so far. Cloud Cursed is taking shape and an idea pounced on me yesterday that may or may not turn into a major plot point. Not sure I could make it work, but if I can, it could be interesting.

So, progress so far (with daily snippets – no spoilers):

Cloud Cursed Ch 1

Clearly he was having a mid-century crisis. Well, he was more than seven hundred years old. It was bound to hit him sooner or later.

Khennik, Chapter 1

Overall – 4295 words

Cloud Cursed Ch 2+3

“It always starts in the library.”

Estenarven, Chapter 2

Day 2 – 4774 words
Overall – 9069 words

Cloud Cursed Ch 4

He’d never done so much thinking in his life and, quite frankly, he was exhausted.

Estenarven, Chapter 4

Day 3 – 5169 words
Overall – 14,238 words

14238 / 80000 words. 18% done!

So far so good. I’m slowly increasing my count every day, but I’m still feeling my way into the book so it should go up even more when I know where it’s all going. For the moment, though, I’m happy with it. I’m hoping to get it over 20,000 by the weekend. We shall see.

To all my fellow NaNo participants out there, hope it’s going as well for you.

Merry Thursday, everybody!

2 thoughts on “NaNo Report, Part 1”

    1. Aw, thank you! I’m glad I do too, since I get a bit irritable when I don’t have a decent creative outlet.

      Thanks, I suspect I may need it as the stupid thing won’t go where it’s told!

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