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Still Waiting…

I’m still waiting for Smashwords to distribute Rift Riders to other retailers, like B&N and Kobo. No idea why it’s taking so long this time, but it seems like a general trend intended to mess with my head.

I’m also still waiting to find out what exactly is going on with Amazon and why Be With Me has been blocked from sale along with the plagiarised version.

Dragongift 1But in other news, Rift Riders has now been removed from here and Wattpad, except for the first three teaser chapters.

All of which means the Dragongift serial begins tomorrow!

(Ooh, look it’s all green and rugged.)

Just as a warning to anyone who hasn’t read Rift yet, pretty much anything to do with DG will be spoilery. I’ll try and put most of it behind cuts, so click at your own risk.

Updates this week will be Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, before returning to the regular Friday and Sunday schedule. More info and the prologue to come tomorrow.

I look forward to continuing the journey with you all from there.

Fast winds and clear skies, everyone!

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