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Dragongift Character List

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Because there are a lot of characters in this book, in a variety of locations, I’m providing this list to help keep track of everyone. It contains all the named characters in alphabetical order and will be updated as I go. It’s only a brief summary of each person, so if there’s more you’d like to see/know, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

As always, this contains spoilers for Rift Riders, so if you haven’t read that, don’t look at this. Don’t even glance! Heed the warning!! You have been warned!!!! Warning! Warning! etc ;D

Argon – Jaymes’ miryhl. Male.
Atyrn –
Stirla’s miryhl. Female.
– Rift Rider student. Male. Heading to Havia.
– Rift Rider student. Male.
Brathyn/Brath – Rift Rider Lieutenant.
Bumble – Nakhound. Once Mhysra’s, now with the Aquila Resistance.
Byrne – Rift Rider Lieutenant. At Kaskad.
Chee-Gah – a vulardi.
Corin – Rift Rider student. Female.
Cumulo/Cue – Wingborn. Mhysra’s miryhl. Male.
Demolie – Princess of Havia, married to Lyrai’s brother.
Derrain/Derry – Rift Rider student. Male.
Dhenn – Rift Rider. Stirla’s flurry.
Dhori – Rift Rider student. Male.
Dreffen – Rift Rider General of the West.
Emberbright – Fire dragonet. Jaymes’ Dragongift.
Ferryth – Corporal in the Havian Palace Guard.
Fherras – Rift Rider Sergeant (Willym). Deceased.
Fredkhen – Rift Rider Captain. Deceased.
Greig – Rift Rider student. Male. Stirla’s nephew. Member of Aquila Resistance.
(Elder) Goryal Clan Starshine – one of the oldest and most powerful dragons alive. They look small and fragile, but they most definitely are not weak.
Grynt – Rift Rider Lieutenant. Western Havia.
Haelle – Rift Rider student. Female. Missing.
Hanomyne – Princess of Havia.
Heirayk – Overworld Sun God.
Henryn – Lyrai’s older brother. Heir to the Stratys.
Heryff – King of Havia, aka the Old Pyrefly.
Hlen – Rift Rider Lieutenant.
Hurricane/Cane – Lyrai’s miryhl. Male.
Hylan – Rift Rider Captain. Leader of the Greater West evacuees.
Hyvaena – Overworld Winter Goddess.
Imaino – Rift Rider Lieutenant. Joint leader of the Aquila Resistance.
Jarvenarald kin Jewelwing Clan Stoneheart – a poisonous troublemaker.
Jaymes – Rift Rider student. Male.
Jheko – Rift Rider Sergeant (Imaino).
Kerryl – Rift Rider student. Male.
(Lord) Ketthik – Havian Eorn/marquess (2nd tier aristocrat after dukes/jarls).
Kilai Kilpapan – Rift Rider. Mhysra’s brother. Deceased.
Kirel – Havian page boy.
Kloe – Rift Rider student. Female. At Kaskad.
Korfei – Rift Rider Lieutenant. Eastern Havia.
Latinym – Dhori’s miryhl. Male.
Lehno – a healer with the Aquila Resistance.
Lorfyn Ketthik – Oldest son and heir to Eorn Ketthik. Absolute buffoon.
Lyrai – Rift Rider Lieutenant.
Maegla – Overworld Storm Goddess.
Mallow – Rift Rider. Part of the Aquila Resistance.
Marshall – Former Dean of Aquila. Yullik’s prisoner.
Maryne – a Havian courtier.
Mhysra Kilpapan – Wingborn. Rift Rider student. Female.
Milluqua Kilpapan – Mhysra’s older sister. At Nimbys.
Mouse – Rift Rider student. Male. At Aquila.
Myran – Rift Rider Captain. Missing.
Natten – wounded student. With the Aquila Resistance.
Nehtl – Healer. Joint leader of the Aquila Resistance.
Neryth – Princess of Havia. Unconventional.
Nordei – Rift Rider Captain. In charge of Kaskad.
Onyx – Mouse’s miryhl. Male. Missing.
Rechar – Rift Rider. Part of the Aquila Resistance.
(Archivist) Reglian kin Thunderwing Clan Skystorm – a nosy black dragon.
Rekas – Rift Rider student. Male. Heading for Havia.
Resten – Rift Rider student. Male. Deceased.
Rhiddyl (Rhidystel) kin Tempestfury Clan Skystorm – young wingling dragon.
Rhyk – Rift Rider. Stirla’s flurry.
Riame – the female creepy captain twin.
Rion – the male creepy captain twin.
– Heir to Havian throne (Prince Heryff)
Seiryn – Rift Rider Lieutenant. Captain Grynt’s flight.
Silveo – Rift Rider student. Male. At Aquila.
Sithaka – Queen of Kevian.
Skybreeze – Air dragonet. Corin’s Dragongift.
Stirla – Rift Rider Lieutenant.
Stratys – Ruler of Imercian. Lyrai’s father.
Symal – a healer with the Aquila Resistance.
Tarvenn kin Stoneskin Clan Stoneheart – a pebbly troublemaker.
Theryn – Rift Rider. Stirla’s flurry.
– Rift Rider Lieutenant. Traitor. Murderer. At Aquila.
Wisp – Corin’s miryhl. Female.
Wye – Rift Rider. Stirla’s flurry.
Yhen – Rift Rider Sergeant (Lykano – deceased).
Yullik – Leader of the kaz-naghkt. Lord of Aquila.
Zephyr – Derrain’s miryhl. Female.

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