Dragongift 1

Aquila has fallen and the Rift Riders are homeless. Freshly settled in the heart of the Overworld, the kaz-naghkt are more dangerous than ever, especially when united with their pirate allies. Scattered and divided, the Riders are desperate to reclaim their home – but first they need help.

After fleeing into the Greater West, Mhysra, Lyrai and their friends are sent south to the kingdom of Havia to plead for aid. But the land also borders the magical Storm Wash on the very edge of the Dragonlands, and soon the Riders have more to worry about than kaz-naghkt and unfriendly kings.

Back at Aquila, Lord Yullik sits high in his tower of triumph, but little does he know of the troubles that wait in the shadows.

The Dragongifted are waking – and the Overworld will never be the same again.

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The first three chapters can be found on the Wingborn serial page.


Download Dragongift now for the knockdown price of .99!

This offer ends on Wednesday 3rd January 2018, after which it will increase to 2.99.

Regional prices may vary, but it will be at the lowest I can set it without actually giving it away.

And when you’ve finished reading that, come back and join in the Storm Wings serial.

Happy reading!

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