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Storm Wings Character List

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Because there are a lot of characters in this series, in a variety of locations, I’m providing this list to help keep track of everyone. It contains all the named characters in alphabetical order and will be updated as I go. It’s only a brief summary of each person, so if there’s more you’d like to see/know, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


Adyn – regular member of the Aquila Resistance.
Alyne – Rift Rider student. At Aquila. Deceased.
Argon – Jaymes’ miryhl. Male.
Atyrn – Stirla’s miryhl. Female.
Bhern – Rift Rider student. Male. At Aquila.
Birch – miryhl. Male. Formerly bonded to Sergeant Rees, temporarily assigned to Neryth.
Blaze – Honra’s miryhl. Male.
Brathyn/Brath – Rift Rider lieutenant.
Bumble – nakhound pup. Was Mhysra’s, now part of the Aquila pack.
Chepney – Rift Rider Commander of Storm Peaks and Mistrune. Known as Old Cheery.
Corin – Rift Rider student. Female. Dragongifted.
Cumulo/Cue – Wingborn. Mhysra’s miryhl. Male.
Derneon Weaponsmith – Ihran blacksmith and instructor at Aquila.
Derrain/Derry – Rift Rider student. Male.
Dhori – Rift Rider student. Male.
Dreffen – Rift Rider General of the West. Lazy.
Emberbright – Fire dragonet. Jaymes’ Dragongift.
Estenarix kin Boulderforce Clan Stoneheart – a rough, gruff, amusing stone dragon.
(Lord) Ferdyn Salis – member of the Havia Special Force (HSF).
Flash – Honra’s miryhl.
Fleik – Rift Rider lieutenant.
Fredkhen – Rift Rider lieutenant. Deceased.
Gedanon Swordsmaster – Ihran weapon instructor at Aquila.
Gethyr – regular member of the Aquila Resistance.
(Lord) Godfrey Rytoth – member of the HSF.
(Elder) Goryal Clan Starshine – one of the oldest and most powerful dragons alive. They look small and fragile, but they most definitely are not.
Greig – Rift Rider student. Male. At Aquila.
Haelle – Rift Rider student. Female. At Aquila.
Heirayk – Overworld Sun God.
(King) Heryff – King of Havia. The Old Pyrefly.
Hethanon Armsmaster – Ihran trainer at Nimbys Selection School.
Heyfen Wydbeam – member of the HSF.
Hlen – Rift Rider lieutenant.
Honra – former sergeant to Lyrai, now a lieutenant.
Hurricane/Cane – Lyrai’s miryhl. Male.
Hylan – Rift Rider Captain. At Etheria.
Imaino – Rift Rider lieutenant. At Aquila. Leader of the resistance.
Jarquais – One of the forgotten Gods, now associated with darkness by those who don’t know what they’re talking about.
Jasper – Fleik’s Miryhl. Male.
Jaymes – Rift Rider student. Male. Dragongifted.
Jym – member of the Aquila Resistance. Formerly a kennel worker.
Keipen – Rift Rider General of the South. Ferocious.
Kern Kennuk – Havian lord (like an earl) and member of the HSF.
Korfei – Rift Rider Captain. East Havia.
Koyl (Koreth fra Koyl) – Kevian warehouse owner.
Latinym – Dhori’s miryhl. Male.
Lehno – healer. Deceased.
Litha – Cleansed Lands healer. Seems to know Dhori quite well.
Lithaen – Overworld Sky Goddess.
(Lord) Lorfyn Ketthik – founder and leader of the HSF. Stirla’s bane.
Lyrai – Rift Rider Lieutenant.
Maegla – Overworld Storm Goddess.
Marshall – former Dean of Aquila. Deceased.
Mercata – Willym’s miryhl. Female.
Mhysra Kilpapan – Wingborn. Rift Rider student. Female.
Mimi and Mirro – Neryth’s miryhl pair. Pretty, but not strong.
Lord Morfrye Salis – member of the HSF.
Mouse – Rift Rider student. Male. At Aquila.
Myran – Rift Rider Captain. At Nimbys.
Naelya – Rift Rider student. Female. At Aquila.
Natten – Rift Rider student. Male. At Aquila.
Nehtl – healer, Mouse’s mentor. Tortured to death by Willym.
(Princess) Neryth – Princess of Havia. Pretending to be a Rider, much to Stirla’s dismay.
Neshal – regular member of the Aquila Resistance. Deceased.
Nightriver – Water dragon. Mouse’s Dragongift. Ancient guardian of Aquila.
Nordei – Rift Rider Captain. At Kaskad.
Rechar – Rift Rider. Member of the Aquila Resistance.
(Archivist) Reglian kin Thunderwing Clan Skystorm – a nosy black dragon.
Rekko – Rift Rider. At Lansbrig.
Rhiddyl (Rhidystel) kin Tempestfury Clan Skystorm – young wingling dragon.
Riame – female creepy pirate twin.
Rion – male creepy pirate twin.
Rossen – Rift Rider student. Male. At Aquila.
Silveo – Rift Rider student. Male. At Aquila.
Skybreeze – Air dragonet. Corin’s Dragongift.
Stirla – Rift Rider lieutenant.
Surl Falfroth – Havian lord (like a baron) and member of the HSF.
Symal – healer. Deceased.
Ullimn – member of the Aquila Resistance. Formerly a kennel worker.
Velleyn – Rift Rider. At Lansbrig.
Willym – former Rift Rider lieutenant, traitor, murderer.
Wisp – Corin’s miryhl. Female.
Yullik – creator and ruler of the kaz-naghkt. The enemy.
Zephyr – Derry’s miryhl. Female.


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