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Aquila’s War Character List

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Better late than never, right?

Here’s the list of all the characters in this book to help you keep track. It contains all the named characters in alphabetical order and will be updated as I go. It’s only a brief summary of each person, so if there’s more you’d like to see/know, or I’ve missed someone, let me know and I’ll see what I can do (as long as it doesn’t involve spoilers).

Atyrn – Stirla’s miryhl.
Bhern – Rift Rider student. At Buteo.
Birch – Neryth’s miryhl. Previously paired with Rees (deceased).
– Captain Myran’s miryhl.
Bumble – black and white nakhound, once Mhysra’s. At Aquila.
Corin – Rift Rider student. Dragongifted.
Cumulo – Wingborn. Mhysra’s miryhl.
Demolie – Crown Princess of Imercian. Lyrai’s sister-by-marriage.
Derneon Weaponsmith – Ihran blacksmith and instructor. At Buteo.
Derrain – Rift Rider student.
Dhori – Rift Rider student and enigmatic mystery.
Eddyn – regular member of the Aquila Resistance.
Emberbright – Fire dragonet. Jaymes’ Dragongift.
Fleik – Rift Rider Lieutenant.
Fornat – old feral miryhl.
– Lyrai’s first miryhl. Retired.
Gedanon Swordmaster – Ihran weapon instructor. At Buteo.
Gedley – Kilpapan under-butler.
(Elder) Goryal Clan Starshine
– one of the oldest and most powerful dragons alive.
Greig – Rift Rider student. At Buteo.
Haelle – Rift Rider student. At Buteo.
Hathers – Kilpapan butler.
Heirayk – Overworld Sun God.
Henryk (III) – Stratys of Imercian. Lyrai’s father.
Henryn – Crown Prince of Imercian. Lyrai’s brother.
Heryff – King of Havia. The Old Pyrefly.
High Tempest – head priest of Maegla.
Honra – Rift Rider lieutenant.
Huro – Rift Rider captain. At Nimbys.
Hurricane – Lyrai’s miryhl.
Hylena – Princess of Imercian. Lyrai’s middle sister.
Imaino – Rift Rider lieutenant. At Buteo.
Jastenor – Rift Rider General of the East.
Jaymes – Rift Rider student. Dragongifted.
Jupi – Greig’s miryhl.
Keipen – Rift Rider General of the South.
Kilai Kilpapan – Mhysra’s brother (deceased).
Latinym – Dhori’s miryhl.
Letha – Milluqua’s personal maid.
Lheto – Rift Rider sergeant. Stirla.
Lunrai, Countess Kilpapan
– Mhysra’s mother
Lurent – Rift Rider commander. At Nimbys.
Lyrai – Rift Rider lieutenant and prince of Imercian.
Lyrosa – Princess of Imercian. Lyrai’s oldest sister.
– Overworld Storm Goddess.
(Lady) Mhysra Kilpapan – Wingborn. Rift Rider student.
(Lady) Milluqua Kilpapan – Mhysra’s older sister.
Mouse – Rift Rider student. At Buteo. Dragongifted.
Myran – Rift Rider Captain.
Nataryn – Princess of Imercian. Lyrai’s youngest sister.
Nehtl – head healer of Aquila. Mouse’s mentor. Deceased.
Neryth – Princess of Havia, absconded with Stirla (much to his dismay).
Nightriver – Water dragon. Mouse’s Dragongift. Ancient guardian of Aquila.
Nisha – Yullik’s Wingborn. Deceased.
Onyx – Mouse’s miryhl.
Phirro Pheneso – Wing Marshall, the highest ranked Rift Rider.
Rechar – Rift Rider. At Buteo.
Reeve – Rift Rider captain. At Nimbys.
Reglian kin Thunderwing Clan Skystorm – a nosy archivist dragon.
Rhiddyl (Rhidystel) kin Tempestfury Clan Skystorm – a young wingling dragon.
Rossen – Rift Rider student. At Buteo.
Silveo – Rift Rider student. At Buteo.
Skybreeze – air dragonet. Corin’s Dragongift.
Stirla – Rift Rider lieutenant.
Thunder – Haelle’s miryhl.
Typhaestus – Overworld Death God.
Vehro – Silveo’s miryhl.
Wisp – Corin’s miryhl.
Yullik – creator and ruler of the kaz-naghkt. The enemy.
Zephyr – Derrain’s miryhl.
Zun – old feral miryhl.

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