Patreon Round-Up Dec + Jan

In my typically organised fashion, I’ve fallen behind on a few things here and there. A lot of that is because I’m busy writing Dragonlands 5 (66K and counting), but I’ll talk about that some other day.

For now, here’s what you might have missed over on my Patreon these last two months.

(All posts marked * are open for everyone to read. The rest are for patrons only.)


I also added Aquila’s War Chapter 11-13 and all of Wingborn, but since those can also be found here, I’ll save you the links.


Coming to Patreon through February will be more updates on my current writing, a very weird short story and Dragongift ebook for my patrons to download. Plus the usual early access to Aquila’s War.

Around here I hope to get a chance to sit down and work out my publishing schedule, so that I can share it with you. Look out for fresh Dragonlands information soon – and possibly a poll as I work out what series to work on next.

In the meantime, merry Monday, everyone!

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