5 Years Here

I can’t believe today is my fifth anniversary of joining WordPress. I vaguely knew that it was coming up this month, but I wasn’t exactly sure until I got a little notification about it earlier.

Aw, happy birthday, little blog.

It’s also five years since I self-published my first book (Orion’s Kiss), or as near as makes no nevermind. I had hoped to have a few things planned to celebrate, but I’m up to my eyebrows in writing at the moment so it’ll have to wait until this book is done. I think I only have a handful of chapters to go, though, so hopefully I can come up with something soon.

Don’t get too excited, Aekhartain fans. I don’t think Shaiel and Co are about to make a surprise appearance. Although with that lot, who can say? Especially as I just said they wouldn’t, contrary so and sos, but I think they’re all too entertained watching me wrestle a bear-dragon-thing right now to interrupt. After that the bets are off. But I’ll probably just join Twitter (finally) and bore everyone with my random disconnected writing thoughts instead.

Like: Aw, friends… Argh, it’s a BEAR!
That’s not a bear! We’ll fight it anyway.

No! Don’t touch the water!

Biiiiiiiiiiiig trouble. Starshine Surprise!

(Sample of my writing notes, because the next few chapters are going to be… interesting.)

Then again, I am supposed to be editing Burning Sky next, so I’ll probably go mad coming up with other stuff to do instead. (Ah, procrastination. What could I get done without you?)

Until then, I hope you’re doing well, my lovelies! And if you want some sort of update about what’s going on with me and my Patreon plans, I have a post all about it you can read over there right now.

Merry Wednesday, all!

About Becca Lusher

Indie author, book devourer, writer of words, dreamer of dreams, currently enthralled to dragons with a side order of Things With Wings.
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