A Bit of Me

5 Years Here

I can’t believe today is my fifth anniversary of joining WordPress. I vaguely knew that it was coming up this month, but I wasn’t exactly sure until I got a little notification about it earlier.

Aw, happy birthday, little blog.

It’s also five years since I self-published my first book (Orion’s Kiss), or as near as makes no nevermind. I had hoped to have a few things planned to celebrate, but I’m up to my eyebrows in writing at the moment so it’ll have to wait until this book is done. I think I only have a handful of chapters to go, though, so hopefully I can come up with something soon.

Don’t get too excited, Aekhartain fans. I don’t think Shaiel and Co are about to make a surprise appearance. Although with that lot, who can say? Especially as I just said they wouldn’t, contrary so and sos, but I think they’re all too entertained watching me wrestle a bear-dragon-thing right now to interrupt. After that the bets are off. But I’ll probably just join Twitter (finally) and bore everyone with my random disconnected writing thoughts instead.

Like: Aw, friends… Argh, it’s a BEAR!
That’s not a bear! We’ll fight it anyway.

No! Don’t touch the water!

Biiiiiiiiiiiig trouble. Starshine Surprise!

(Sample of my writing notes, because the next few chapters are going to be… interesting.)

Then again, I am supposed to be editing Burning Sky next, so I’ll probably go mad coming up with other stuff to do instead. (Ah, procrastination. What could I get done without you?)

Until then, I hope you’re doing well, my lovelies! And if you want some sort of update about what’s going on with me and my Patreon plans, I have a post all about it you can read over there right now.

Merry Wednesday, all!

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