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Dragonlands Update

Book 5 is done! Broken Ground is finished! Whoo!

Broken Ground, you say? What is Broken Ground? I thought book 5 was called Ice Falls?

Yes, well, the observant amongst you might remember I kept talking about a book called Ice Falls until quite recently. You might also have noticed that the name on the sidebar changed a week or two ago. This is because I always had a scene in my head for the final showdown in this book. I knew where the action was going, I knew how it would finish.

Except I was well over halfway through the book and there was no ice. In fact I was almost breaking the plot to get everyone somewhere icy before I realised that maybe that scene wasn’t going to turn out the way I thought it was and there might not be any actual ice in the book at all.


So the title changed. Dragonlands book 5 is now called Broken Ground, and I’ve finished it! As always it’s a complete mess (and I really mean it this time), and needs a lot of fleshing out in places and smoothing down in others. It’s a strange book, because it was only ever supposed to be a bridge between what happens in Burning Sky (4) and Setting Sun (6), mostly intended to kill some of the big time gap between the two.

Turns out lots happens in this book, even if it doesn’t involve any ice or kill nearly as much time as I needed it to. Instead this is the book with all the things. Happening. A lot. If you’ve been missing some action in this series, never fear, this book makes up for any action the others might have lacked. It’s… I… nope. Can’t say anything about it because spoilers, spoilers everywhere. But I think it worked out quite well. Sort of. Depending on who you are and how you look at it. Pretty sure most of the characters don’t agree with me, but alas, they’re not in charge.

Which means I’ll probably hate it when I have to edit it. Oh well, that’s a job for another day. Besides, who cares about book 5? You need book 4 first.

Speaking of… I will now be turning my attention back to Burning Sky. All things being well, it should hopefully come about the end of March/beginning of April. I’ll be doing a quick read through this week, after which I should have a better idea of how much work it’s going to take to bring it up to scratch. I’ll have a more accurate release date for you after that.

But it is coming. And you won’t have to wait a year, as you did with the other books.

Once that’s done I’ll be writing Setting Sun, and depending on how well that goes Broken Ground should come out Sept/Oct time. If everything stays on track and nothing major happens in the meantime to throw it all off. Which… yeah, probably will, because this is me and longterm plans are made to be smashed up into itty-bitty unpick-upable pieces. But for now things are nicely on track.

Merry Monday, everyone!

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