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Aquila’s War Updates

Aquila's War Cover 1The free online version of Aquila’s War is now gone. I hope no one was in the middle of reading it. If you were, it’ll be available on Monday. Or you can sign up to my Patreon and keep reading it online that way.

Pre-orders are up on Smashwords || iBooks || Kobo
(I can’t believe iBooks beat B&N. That’s never happened before.)

No Amazon pre-orders, since I’m still under my ban for messing things up last year. Hopefully I’ll be free of it by my next release – when I might actually manage to get everything ready in time for a proper pre-order (ha!).

If you’re waiting for the Google Play version, I’m sorry but there won’t be one this time. Google are doing everything possible to make it impossible for Indie authors to sell there. I can’t open my own account because they’ve been closed to that for years, and I can’t use D2D anymore because Google have stopped them from new submissions. Which leaves me out of options. I’m so sorry! (Feel free to take it up with Google ;)

World's End Cover 2Beyond that, World’s End (Wingborn 6) will start posting here and on Wattpad next Friday!

It’s already well underway over on Patreon, where we’ve just started Chapter Seven.

If you sign up today, you’ll be right on time to download your own copy of Aquila’s War tomorrow!

If not, I hope I see you back here next Friday for the final Wingborn adventure.

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