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World’s End Delay

Hey, everyone, I’m so sorry there haven’t been any updates this weekend. Unfortunately I’m dealing with a serious illness in the family and will be for the foreseeable future.

I wanted to get the latest chapters ready for you, but time has sadly not been on my side lately. I’ve been flat out all week and simply haven’t had time to edit anything. (My poor writing laptop hasn’t been switched on for about a month. I’m sure it’s forgotten what power feels like.)

I’m hoping to get a little time over the next week to edit a bunch of chapters and schedule them for release, but lots of things keep breaking alongside all the other stresses, so I’m not making any promises.

However, if you don’t mind reading the unedited version, you can find the newest chapters every week on my Patreon. My paid Patrons are already two months ahead, but I’ve been unlocking chapters in time with all the other free updates, so you can always read them over there if I fail to update here. (Don’t worry about the stars. They’re all scheduled to unlock whether I update the links page or not, so click about and see where it gets you ;).

Thanks, as always for reading, and sorry again for falling behind.

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