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Quick Question (and a Poll)

Is there anything I can do to help you right now? In reading/escapist terms, that is.

It’s a tough time for many, lots of people are scared and worried, others are fed up of being stuck indoors, and there’s never a bad time to read more books, right? So here are my plans or potential offerings. Feel free to add your own thoughts below. And don’t forget to vote in the poll at the end!

  1. Sale!
    This would be a sale on the Dragonlands books for two weeks, including making Blazing Dawn free for the duration (everywhere except Amazon). It should also, hopefully, tie in with the release of Book 5. After that I’ll do a two week sale on the Wingborn series. After that… we’ll see.
  2. New serial!
    While I would love to make this Aftermath, the bonus Wingborn novella, I’ve promised that to my Patreons. I would also love to make this the new Overworld series, but that isn’t close to being ready to enter the world. Instead this will be a new series, from a new world, but still hopefully every bit as enjoyable as the Rift Riders. Personally I love the characters in the Mages of Royas Bay, and I’m hoping you will too.
  3. Both is good!
  4. OR Something completely new and entirely fluffy!
    I can’t actually make any promises about this because I’m busy with editing right now, but wouldn’t it be nice to read something where nothing bad happens? I don’t write these sorts of stories often, except as very short things, but it’d be nice to give it a go. It would probably be a weekly update and I’m not at all sure what it would be about. I have been considering writing a Rhiddyl adventure novella to explain how she runs away from the Cleansed Lands to join the Rift Riders, but I’m not sure if I could spin that out for very long.
    If you have a suggestion/request, feel free to post below. It might spark an idea in the brain, although I can’t promise it.

All right, them’s your options. Vote, please! You have a week to think about it. And if there’s something else I haven’t thought of, please let me know.

And that’s it from me today. Thanks, everyone! Dhori’s Homecoming tale will be posted on Friday and Sunday.

Take care, my lovelies xx

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