Wingborn Sale!

Not only is Broken Ground on sale until Sunday, but now the entire Wingborn series is too!

I really need to update the Rift Riders cover, because this doesn’t match the on-sale one anymore, plus it needs more work.

From now until Wednesday, May 6th, books 2-5 will be 0.99 each (or a low local equivalent). Book 1, Wingborn, is still free everywhere except Amazon. The ebooks themselves are available pretty much everywhere I can put them, including Google Play.

Book 6, World’s End, is still available to read as a free serial here, on Wattpad and on Patreon. I’ll probably be taking that down around May 6th too, as the ebook should follow soon after.

If you’ve read all of those and still want more of the Wingborn bunch, Aftermath is a super-extended epilogue that I’m currently serialising exclusively over on Patreon. You can sign up to read it there, or wait a little longer and get the ebook when it follows after World’s End.

I don’t generally put this series on sale, because I start off giving them away for free anyway, but this time seemed as good as any. So if you’ve missed one or more of them and have been looking for something to read right now, here you go!

And if you prefer to wait for the paperback versions, hopefully they will be along some time this year. It is on the list of things to tackle, but then so are many, many other things. BUT I am getting to it, I promise.

In the meantime, I hope you and all your loved ones are well and you’re staying as safe as possible right now.

Take care xx

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