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It’s been a while

Alright, a quick post to say hi, how are we all doing, and look, I have goodies!

First, I’m doing NaNoWriMo again this year and so far it’s going well. This is a surprise because creatively everything has been terrible for a long time. I’m determined to turn it around, though, and as of yesterday I’m ahead on the wordcount track. Fingers crossed this will last. Hopefully I’ll have proper updates about it all soon.

Second, I’m about to start posting the second Aquila’s Originals book – Outcasts of Aquila. A lot later than planned and slightly slower than my usual serials, but it is coming, er, today actually. Surprise!

This time around I’ll only be posting once a week, on a Wednesday, at least for the first few months. This is because I haven’t had a chance to clean it up as much as I would usually like and I only have a chapter and a half of the next book, when usually I’d like to have finished that before I shared this one. But baby steps, baby steps.

Hopefully you won’t mind the slower, rougher updates and I might even be able to turn my mind back to this world soon.

For now I hope you’re well and here’s to more Overworld adventures!

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