Stars of the Dawn Chorus

Finding myself awake at half-three this morning I decided to see what the sky was like. With a gibbous moon glowing brightly to the north-west and clouds boiling up in the west sadly there was no Orion to be seen. No Sirius either, or Procyon, or even bright Jupiter. Instead the sparkly Gemini twins, Castor and Pollux, were winking just below the house eaves to the south.

So I made a wish, because I can’t look up at the stars and not make a wish.

Then, as I leant on my chilly windowsill staring out of my open window, listening to the pweeting of the oyster catchers feeding on the low tide in the estuary, I heard a very familiar noise. A blackbird, singing the dawn chorus at half-three in February.

I know the weather so far this year is messed up and Spring seems to be marching forward at an advanced rate, but part of me also hoped it meant Freyda approved of her story.

So thank you for the serenade, Carroll. I hope your territory is and remains well protected.



Hello, and welcome to my Blog. I’ve had other blogs before, but this is the first time I’m writing one in a semi-professional way, so bear with me, please ^__^

I’m currently in the process of publishing my first book, Orion’s Kiss, which is a scary and exciting prospect all in one. At the moment it’s on Amazon going through the clearing process. Next up will be a Smashwords release. I’ll announce both properly here once they’re ready.

For everything else it’s just a matter of waiting.

But since that’s boring, here’s a list of things I hope to put up on this blog over the next few days:

  • Official Release Post, complete with links, cover, blurb and other related mumblings.
  • A Deleted Scene, taking from Impossible Things, featuring Shaiel and Maskai.
  • A List of Who’s Next: I have a lot of stories to retell, and at the moment the schedule is fairly fluid. Are you a previous reader? Do you have a certain story to root for? Come and tell me about it.
  • Reviews and Reviewers: The Shameless Begging Post – which pretty much says it all.
  • Drabbles: I’ll explain a little about my Drabble-a-Day challenge and offer up a few Aekhartain examples.
  • Aekh Profiles: I’ll probably try and do these once a month or so, introducing the various characters and hopefully whetting your appetite for more.
  • Beyond the Aekhartain: They’re not all I write about, honest. Even if it sometimes feels that way…

So that’s what’s still to come. Which will all hopefully be more interesting than this post. Then again I had to start somewhere.

To end, I’ll merely say, Welcome to the Immortal World of the Aekhartain. I hope you’ll stick around and find even more reasons to stay.