Stars of the Dawn Chorus

Finding myself awake at half-three this morning I decided to see what the sky was like. With a gibbous moon glowing brightly to the north-west and clouds boiling up in the west sadly there was no Orion to be seen. No Sirius either, or Procyon, or even bright Jupiter. Instead the sparkly Gemini twins, Castor and Pollux, were winking just below the house eaves to the south.

So I made a wish, because I can’t look up at the stars and not make a wish.

Then, as I leant on my chilly windowsill staring out of my open window, listening to the pweeting of the oyster catchers feeding on the low tide in the estuary, I heard a very familiar noise. A blackbird, singing the dawn chorus at half-three in February.

I know the weather so far this year is messed up and Spring seems to be marching forward at an advanced rate, but part of me also hoped it meant Freyda approved of her story.

So thank you for the serenade, Carroll. I hope your territory is and remains well protected.

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