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Orion’s Kiss is Out!

Orion's Kiss
Orion’s Kiss

Have you ever wished upon a star?

When Freyda arrived at the Institute she was just another orphan. By the time her two week quarantine was over she was an experiment. Ten years on she remains a puzzle that the scientists cannot solve. How does she stay cool in the hot, or warm in the cold? Why isn’t she effected by these extremes like everyone else? Freyda knows, but she isn’t telling.

Until the disdainful Beatrice Winters arrives, threatening to make Freyda homeless in a cruel, hard world. Freyda needs help, but she has no one to turn to – except the stars she wishes on every night.

Fear not the shadow, for in the darkness shine the stars.

Set on a near-future Earth where energy shortages have split the world into modern haves and powerless have-nots, this collection contains four stories about Freyda and the choices she has to make, including the novella Orion’s Kiss, a novelette, a short story and a very short interlude.

Orion’s Kiss
February 2014

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This is my official party post, so grab a beverage of your choice (alcoholic or non-alcoholic, the choice is yours) and peruse the buffet table of treats, and come celebrate with me.

My book is out!

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