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The End is Nigh…

The final installment of Wingborn will be along later. I know I usually put it up early on a Sunday morning, before I go off romping about on the Moors, but I haven’t quite enough time right now to do everything.

So the end will be up some time this afternoon (it’s only 8:30 am), after I’ve returned from admiring a Bronze Age cairn circle on Dartmoor. ‘Cause that’s what I get up to on nice Sunday mornings, weird or no.

Anyway, hope you’re having a lovely day, and I promise to finish this book off later.

Merry Sunday, everyone!

PS: I’m back and enjoyed myself hugely. This is where I went:

Soussons Circle

Soussons Stone Circle (Bronze Age burial). Where I discovered that in my keenness to recharge my camera last night, I forgot to put the battery back in *facepalm* So I had to make do with my phone instead. It did fairly well.

And since it was right by the road and didn’t take any time to visit and admire, I stopped off at Grimspound on the way back.


Grimspound is a (probable) Bronze Age settlement, thought to be over 3,000 years old, with the remains of twenty-four houses inside it.

And luckily for me today, it also contained these little guys:

Grim ponies 2Grim ponies 1

Just your friendly local herd of Dartmoor ponies, complete with frisky foals. That dark colt in the middle of the bottom photo was particularly bossy, charging around, keeping the other foals in their places, before he realised he’d misplaced his mum – so he then bullied another mare and foal into tracking her down for him. Cute, pesky wee thing.

Anywho, back now, chapter is up and maybe sometime I’ll share more photos of this particular trip.


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