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Blazing Dawn is Coming

I’m currently coaxing it along through KDP, which seems to be grumbling over the cover for some reason. It’s already up on Smashwords, but if you want a mobi version, please wait until the Kindle version is available. I could wrangle with the Smashwords file to sort it out (it’s uglified the headings and is weirdly huge for some reason), but at the moment it all looks so pretty and neat on the epub and pdf files that I don’t want to ruin them, when I’m pretty sure mobi downloads through Smashwords are minimal at best. Why can’t everything always look as pretty as my pdfs?

I’m actually using Calibre for the first time to create my kindle file. Before I’ve been good and followed all of Amazon’s guidelines, but the prospect of having to put the NCX manually in HTML makes my eyes cross. I’m not sure whether it’ll work or not, but I’m fed up of having no NCX navigation in my kindle books, so *fingers crossed*. If it does work all right without any major hiccups, I guess I’ll have to update my other books at some point. We shall see. (Kindle spell checker is weird. It has problems with wingling, dragonling, kinlands and skysailors, but there’s nary a peep over miryhls.)

Oh, yay, Kindle version looks perfect :) True, I now have two ToCs, but I don’t care. I have working NCX! Now to submit it.

So long jabber short, book is slowly making itself available in various places. As per usual, this one will be available at the 0.99 early bird deal for the first month or so, then it’ll rise to 2.99.

I’ll do a proper post later today/tomorrow with blurb, cover and (hopefully) links. I also hope at some point to post some photos, because the sunrise this morning was incredible, but right now I’m off to download Two Steps from Hell’s Battlecry, which I’ve been saving for a while and plan to use to help me write Storm Rising. Expect epicness! (Although you’ll probably get tea drinking dragons talking about the difficulties of crotchet when one has claws, because that’s how my brain works.)

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