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Dragonlands Sale!

Right, so the poll wasn’t the greatest success, but the votes I did get suggested that both a sale and a new book would be nice. So here we go.

From now until April 15th, the entire Dragonlands series is on sale!

Blazing Dawn is FREE everywhere except for Amazon, although some retailers might take a day or two to update their prices. Amazon is as cheap as it will allow me to list it.

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Amazon: US || UK || AUS || DE || CAN

Storm Rising, Cloud Cursed and Burning Sky and all 0.99 or as low as I can put it. Click each title for more details or head here for all the buying links. (If anyone wants them on Google Play, let me know and I’ll add them.)

The rest of the series should follow soon, Broken Ground hopefully at the end of this sale, and Setting Sun in June. More details to come when I know for certain.

Thanks and enjoy!

Once this sale is done I’ll run a Wingborn series sale, which will hopefully end with the release of World’s End and Aftermath. Before that I have a new world and a new serial to share, starting tomorrow. See you there :)


Last Chance!

The Dragonlands series is still on sale, but only until tomorrow. Grab ’em now and get FOUR books for *less than a fiver! (*Depending on your location, but they’re still pretty cheap.)

You can find out more about all of them on the Dragonlands Series page. Or just click a link below.

1: Blazing Dawn
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2: Storm Rising
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3: Cloud Cursed
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4: Burning Sky
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Dragonlands Sale

Just a friendly reminder, in case you missed it, that all the Dragonlands books are on sale until Tuesday! Only .99 (or your local equivalent).

You can find out more about all of them on the Dragonlands Series page.

Or just click a link below.

1: Blazing Dawn
|| Smashwords || B&N || iBooks || Kobo|| Amazon: US || UK || AUS || CAN || DE ||

2: Storm Rising
|| Smashwords || B&N || iBooks || Kobo|| Amazon: US || UK || AUS || DE || CAN ||

3: Cloud Cursed
|| Smashwords || B&N || iBooks || Kobo || Amazon: US || UK || AUS || DE || CAN ||

4: Burning Sky
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May Mission

Mushu by the river

It’s been a while since I last did an update and as May has now arrived, I thought it was time to catch up. So far this year life has been pretty busy in many mundane ways, which hasn’t left me much time to get myself organised. However, I do have a few projects on the go.

  • An updated version of Blazing Dawn.
  • A Courtship of Dragons is finished.
  • Storm Rising is about to be overhauled.

All alongside the ongoing Dragongift serial. Which means I’m firmly stuck in an Overworld mood – and that suits me fine.

The new version of Blazing Dawn isn’t massively different to the currently available one, I’ve just expanded a few bits and tried to ensure certain moments make more sense. So basically everything to do with Ushara. I’ve just finished the last big edit, so I’ll be running a final check and formatting it for upload. Hopefully this will be out in the next couple of weeks. After that I hope to start work on a paperback version.

While sorting out the paperback, I’ll also turn my attention back to Courtship. In case you missed the announcement, I’ve finished it! As I feared, it ended up much longer than I planned, but I’m not surprised. There are a few things in it that might affect the other books, so I’m glad I finished it before I released Storm Rising. This does also mean I need to release the whole thing before I release SR, so that’ll be fun.

I plan to keep going with the serial, as well as posting it on Wattpad. However, those who are too impatient to wait several months for the end, you should be able to download the whole thing. For free. Just give me a month or so to tidy it up first.

Once that’s taken care of, I’ll then turn my attention to Storm Rising. This book is long overdue and I’m sorry about that. Hopefully the delay will ensure that it’s a better book. I’ll definitely try.

While I work on all of the above, I also hope to get cracking on more paperback releases – Wingborn, Rift, SR and then I’ll work on the Aekhs. I’m not sure yet what the prices will be or how long each will take. I’ll keep you updated as I go.

So those are my plans for May and June. If everything goes to plan as I hope, by July I’ll be free to get back to work on Dragonlands #4 (Burning Sky/Sands – can’t decide). However, since all my best laid plans keep getting thrown out of the nearest window, I’ll neither hold my breath nor make any predictions beyond that.

Instead I’ll wish you all a Merry Mayday (and Beltane/Samhain for those who celebrate) and hope that life is treating you kindly, wheresoever in the world you may be.

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February Update

Black Tor, Feb 2017

I’m currently hard at work on the last round of Rift Riders edits, prepping it for its ebook release in a couple of weeks, but since it’s the last day of the month I thought it was time for an update.

So far this year, my productivity hasn’t been too high. In fact, writing has been a bit of a struggle, which is why I’ve been fairly quiet around here. I’m hoping to change that after Rift is out and I can turn my attention back to Burning Sky.

My current tentative plans are to hopefully write Dragonlands 4 and 5 while giving Wingborn another going over and tweaking Blazing Dawn. I’ve already rewritten a few chunks of BD, but there are a few more things I’d like to tackle before I can release the updated version and hopefully work on a print edition. As such, my plans for Storm Rising (Dragonlands 2) have been pushed back to May/June. Hopefully by then I’ll have a much firmer idea of where the series is going and can feel confident in releasing them.

Luckily, Dragongift, the third Wingborn book, is already written and short of a few brief edits is ready and raring to go from March 17th. I have a lot of love for this book, so I hope everyone else enjoys it just as much. It’s different again from both WB and RR, with a more exploratory feel, but it’s the same characters and the same world, so I hope you’ll be back to continue the adventure.

And lastly, fans of A Courtship of Dragons should be pleased to know that I have a vague idea where it’s all headed now. However, I haven’t had a chance to write any more lately so, sorry, but there won’t be an update this week. Hopefully by next week I’ll have more to offer and I might even be inspired enough to finish it.

That ought to cover everything. I’ll be adding a few deleted Wingborn scenes over the next few weeks, and even a glimpse or two of the original book from my teenage years. I’m also considering what to do with my Regency romances and having a few rumbling thoughts about the next Aekh book. So even though I may be a bit quiet (beyond serial updates) there’s always something going on.

As always, thanks for reading, you lovely people, and I hope to have more goodies to share with you soon.

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Where is Storm Rising?

Also known as Plans for 2017. Of a sort.

When I released Blazing Dawn back in autumn, the plan was to have Storm Rising (Dragonlands 2) written and ready to go around now. Well, the good news is that it is written, but the bad news is that it isn’t ready to go anywhere. Or it might be, I don’t know.

I’ve lost confidence in my writing. This isn’t unusual for me, but it’s kind of inconvenient. So for the moment, Storm Rising is on hold while I run through Blazing Dawn again. I’m half wondering if I should fully revise BD before going further with the series, I’m also wondering if perhaps I should write the whole lot out first before releasing any of them, and focus on getting the Wingborn books out first instead.

I don’t know what to do and that’s making me hesitate. Which is not helpful.

So I have a question (well, a few, but we’ll start with this one) for anyone who has read BD. Is there anything you wish I hadn’t done or had done differently?

I know there are a few things people didn’t like with it. I also know that SR does clear up a few issues (why Ushara is as she is, mostly), and that there are some things I tried to alter before release that I still might not have managed as well as people would like. The Ushara issue is particularly tricky because of perspective. The characters I’m writing with don’t know much about her and what’s going on until SR, which ties my hands a fair bit. I’m tempted at times to use Goryal’s pov, but they know everything and I’ll never be able to keep secrets again. (Also, I didn’t know everything until SR, so there is that.)

Basically, what didn’t you like? Please be as honest as you can, I won’t take offense. I’m trying to make this book as strong as possible and I’m currently doubtful that I did that before release, so I’d like to try really hard to clean it up now before going further with the series. (If you’d rather not comment below, feel free to email me aekhtales[at]gmail[dot]com. I will be exceedingly grateful.)

I’d also really like to work on releasing paperback copies of my books this year, so if I’m making changes, now is the time to do it.

And if there’s anyone out there who would like to read Storm Rising to help me figure out if it’s as messy as I currently fear, then that would be awesome too.

Oh, and since I’m doing a revised version anyway – even if it’s just clearing up typos – I’m thinking about adding a character list and glossary to the end. I have a few questions about how to go about that, but it’s probably best I save that for another day. Level of detail, mostly.

For now my plans for the year are rather nebulous but go sort of like this:

  • Revise and re-release Blazing Dawn.
  • Finish Rift Riders serial and release as an ebook.
  • Paperback versions of Wingborn, Rift Riders and Blazing Dawn.
  • Write more A Courtship of Dragons and serialise it properly.
  • Serialise Dragongifted (Wingborn Book 3)
  • Write Dragonlands 4 and 5
  • ?Release Dragonlands 2 and 3?
  • ?Paperback versions of Aekhartain Tales?
  • Write something else.

Beyond that I’m not certain. Nor am I willing to put dates on any of these (except finishing Rift serial, which should be next month sometime), because every time I project into the future something else comes along to smash my predictions to bits.

I also hope to actively start promoting my books this year too and search for some helpful reviewers. Word of mouth is amazing, but I need to put some admin work in on my side and reviews really work. So that’s on the pile too. Along with a proper Overworld map, which I may or may not attempt to put in the books at some point.

So, as always, I have many, many plans and am busy working away in the background. Hopefully it will result in something shiny in the end. I think that’s a pretty good goal to work towards.

Merry Monday, everyone. I hope your January is going well, wheresoever in the world you may be!

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Wingborn Release Update

Wingborn Cover 3The ebook of Wingborn is coming. In fact, I’ve now finished the last round of typo-catching, continuity checking and tiny changes edits and will spend most of the weekend formatting it and polishing it up for release, while giving the cover one last tweak. (Because I know how to enjoy myself!) Hopefully this will mean I’ll be able to release it on Monday *fingers crossed*

Cover_1 Sisters of IcarusAlongside that, because this one is going to be free as much as I can make it (Amazon probably won’t price match, but I’ll find other places for the mobi file), this will mark the end of the Sisters of Icarus freebie special. It’s been free for a few months now, so I’ll be putting it up to $/£0.99, and it may go up again in a month or so, I haven’t decided yet.

Blazing Dawn Cover 2Also, because it will have been a month since Blazing Dawn was released, that too will be increasing in price. As of Monday it will be $2.99 (£1.99, other regions will vary). So if you’re still undecided, maybe go for it now while it’s still super-cheap!

And once that’s all done, I will finally get a chance to work on Storm Rising and maybe edit a few deleted scenes and special Wingborn extras, while also turning my editing attention back to my Regency projects and, and, and…

Same old, same old, basically.

Although, in all the rush to get Blazing Dawn out while still working on Wingborn, I completely failed to acknowledge that it was my tenth official release! I should probably find some way of celebrating that.

If anyone has any ideas that are somewhat more exciting than me blasting out the Playlist of Victory and dancing about like a loon while eating Galaxy Caramel, I’m all ears.

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The Last Link (and Wingborn Shorts)

Blazing Dawn Cover 2

Barnes and Noble have finally joined the Blazing Dawn party. Yay!

I’ve had a pretty busy week in which I managed to write about 700 words of Storm Rising before my brain shut down mid-sentence. Next week looks to be pretty busy too, but hopefully I can get back to it after that and finally make some sense out of it. Thus far this seems to be a flying book. I have three and a half chapters and it’s all flying, all the time. I’m hoping to change that in the next chapter, because I have some pretty amazing locations that need exploring. There may also be a baby dragon… called Rhiddyl. (If you one of the few who read the original Rift Riders back on Elfwood, yes, that Rhiddyl. As a baby!)

As for Wingborn news, well, I need to carve out some time for edits, but so far I have three requests for short stories and, me being me, I want to write all of them. I’ve already finished one and have little doubt I’ll throw over all the other things I’m supposed to be doing and scribble down the other two soon. I’m still open to requests, if anyone desperately wants to know something about the Wingborn bunch.

So far, the ones I have are:

  • Cumulo and Hurricane’s first meeting (written – about 3.5K)
  • A survival lesson with Stirla
  • When Stirla met Lyrai (done – about 3.5 K)
  • Milli and Stirla romance (old tale – about 5.5K)

When they’re done I’ll post them in various places for people to read, hopefully before the start of Rift Riders. Although that’s creeping up on me quite quickly, so I might not manage it. Nevertheless, they will appear.

In the meantime, merry Sunday, everyone!


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Mini Update

Blazing Dawn is up and available from iBooks and Kobo!

For some reason B&N is taking forever this time around. Oh well.

In other news, Wingborn is doing really well on Wattpad these days, and passed 500 likes last weekend (ei!). To celebrate I’m thinking of writing a short story or two about some of the characters, or scenes people would have liked to have seen.

I already have an old short story about Milli and Stirla’s Nimbys romance, which I’ll probably polish up and post at some point. Along side that, any requests?

Maybe you want some more Derry time, or another glimpse of Corin’s failure to flirt. Perhaps you’d prefer a survival lesson with Stirla, or Cumulo and Hurricane’s first official meeting. If you’re hoping for more Bumble, she plays a fairly big role in the Milli/Stirla story.

So if there’s something you’d like to see, let me know! If I get enough suggestions I’ll put up a poll to let people decide, but if not, I’ll see which one most takes my fancy and see what comes out of the keyboard.

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Blazing Dawn or Wingborn? Q&A

As you may have noticed, I’ve recently released a new book. In some ways it seems quite similar to the book I serialised over the last few months. Both have giant flying eagles called miryhls, both feature Rift Riders and both are set on a world covered in a curse of clouds. But one has dragons and the other doesn’t, and one is YA while the other isn’t.

What’s going on?

If these are both Overworld books, does
Blazing Dawn have anything to do with Wingborn?
Yes, it does. Blazing Dawn is set in 579 Cloud Era, while Wingborn takes place two hundred years later in the 780s. The Dragonlands series is set in a time when dragons still traded freely with humans, and women weren’t just allowed in the Rift Riders, they were an important part of it.

So it’s the same world, but what does one series have to do with another?
At the moment, not a lot, but there are plenty of connections between the two series. As the Wingborn books progress you’ll begin to see certain things that may seem familiar from the Dragonlands books, and likewise, some of the big questions about how society is shaped differently in Wingborn will be answered in the Dragonlands books. Such as why the dragons stopped trading with humans and why women were banned from the Riders.

How many books then?
Currently I have no idea how many books will be in the Dragonlands series. Wingborn seems set to wrap up in six novels, but even though I ultimately know where the dragon books are going, I don’t quite yet know how I’ll get there. There’s an awful big time gap to play with and rather a lot of big personalities emerging from my new characters.

Will there be spoilers?
Since I’m writing and releasing the series concurrently, it might seem that way. I hope people will actually find it fun if they’re reading both and can make certain connections. As for whether they’ll actually be spoilers or not… Well, all I’m saying is the answers that seem the most obvious might not be quite as clear cut as they first appear.

Which is another way of saying my imagination has a tendency of twisting things on me at the last minute, so even I’m not a 100% certain on how this or that will turn out. One plot line I had thought set in stone for about ten years has recently decided to head in a different direction, so I’m making no promises. It’ll be fun to find out, though – and I hope you’ll think so too!

I don’t like spoilers. Which series should I read first?
If you don’t want to read them both at the same time, that’s fine. Dragonlands is chronologically first, while Wingborn is far older in terms of my imagination and writing, but both series can be read without knowing anything about the other. The Wingborn series is easier to access, since the first one is available for free as a serial, and I will be releasing the second in the same way soon. So if you’re impatient to find out more, that’s probably the better one to go for. If, however, you prefer to wait and read the whole book, I’m hoping to have Dragonlands #2 ready in a few months.

Basically, it’s up to you. If you prefer dragons and slightly more adult themes, head for Blazing Dawn, but if you’re intrigued by learning how to fly giant eagles and finding out more about the Rift Riders themselves, with a YA heroine breaking new ground amongst her friends, then go with Wingborn.

I’m still undecided, where can I read more?
Wingborn is available for free and can be found here, which also has links to Wattpad and Livejournal versions.

Blazing Dawn is available to buy as an ebook from various retailers. Go here for more about the book and to read the first chapter.

I still have questions…?
Great! I love question. Feel free to ask them below and I’ll see what I can do to answer them. In non-spoilery ways.