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Blazing Dawn or Wingborn? Q&A

As you may have noticed, I’ve recently released a new book. In some ways it seems quite similar to the book I serialised over the last few months. Both have giant flying eagles called miryhls, both feature Rift Riders and both are set on a world covered in a curse of clouds. But one has dragons and the other doesn’t, and one is YA while the other isn’t.

What’s going on?

If these are both Overworld books, does
Blazing Dawn have anything to do with Wingborn?
Yes, it does. Blazing Dawn is set in 579 Cloud Era, while Wingborn takes place two hundred years later in the 780s. The Dragonlands series is set in a time when dragons still traded freely with humans, and women weren’t just allowed in the Rift Riders, they were an important part of it.

So it’s the same world, but what does one series have to do with another?
At the moment, not a lot, but there are plenty of connections between the two series. As the Wingborn books progress you’ll begin to see certain things that may seem familiar from the Dragonlands books, and likewise, some of the big questions about how society is shaped differently in Wingborn will be answered in the Dragonlands books. Such as why the dragons stopped trading with humans and why women were banned from the Riders.

How many books then?
Currently I have no idea how many books will be in the Dragonlands series. Wingborn seems set to wrap up in six novels, but even though I ultimately know where the dragon books are going, I don’t quite yet know how I’ll get there. There’s an awful big time gap to play with and rather a lot of big personalities emerging from my new characters.

Will there be spoilers?
Since I’m writing and releasing the series concurrently, it might seem that way. I hope people will actually find it fun if they’re reading both and can make certain connections. As for whether they’ll actually be spoilers or not… Well, all I’m saying is the answers that seem the most obvious might not be quite as clear cut as they first appear.

Which is another way of saying my imagination has a tendency of twisting things on me at the last minute, so even I’m not a 100% certain on how this or that will turn out. One plot line I had thought set in stone for about ten years has recently decided to head in a different direction, so I’m making no promises. It’ll be fun to find out, though – and I hope you’ll think so too!

I don’t like spoilers. Which series should I read first?
If you don’t want to read them both at the same time, that’s fine. Dragonlands is chronologically first, while Wingborn is far older in terms of my imagination and writing, but both series can be read without knowing anything about the other. The Wingborn series is easier to access, since the first one is available for free as a serial, and I will be releasing the second in the same way soon. So if you’re impatient to find out more, that’s probably the better one to go for. If, however, you prefer to wait and read the whole book, I’m hoping to have Dragonlands #2 ready in a few months.

Basically, it’s up to you. If you prefer dragons and slightly more adult themes, head for Blazing Dawn, but if you’re intrigued by learning how to fly giant eagles and finding out more about the Rift Riders themselves, with a YA heroine breaking new ground amongst her friends, then go with Wingborn.

I’m still undecided, where can I read more?
Wingborn is available for free and can be found here, which also has links to Wattpad and Livejournal versions.

Blazing Dawn is available to buy as an ebook from various retailers. Go here for more about the book and to read the first chapter.

I still have questions…?
Great! I love question. Feel free to ask them below and I’ll see what I can do to answer them. In non-spoilery ways.


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