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And Also…

More from the beginning of Storm Rising.

“Th-there you are!” Mastekh greeted, his voice bubbling and frothing with various tones that told Estenarven so much more than the mere words. Mastekh had worried about him, he had missed him and Estenarven was forgiven.

Humming a low greeting of his own, Estenarven circled around Mastekh a second time, letting his tail trail behind him, rubbing over his fellow aide and lover. Though he was often tactile in his human shape, Estenarven wasn’t a dragon well known for public displays of affection, but he felt the need to reassure his dearest friend, so he twined his tail briefly with Mastekh’s.

The blue of the Rainstorm dragon’s scales deepened, bringing a green flush to his belly. Waiting for Estenarven to pass over once more, Mastekh reached up and gently rubbed his head against Estenarven’s.

“Oh, build a nest, you two!”

The shout startled Mastekh into withdrawing, leaving Estenarven flying upside down and alone. Righting himself, he used his tail to thump Jesral’s ribs. Even though her words had been full of amusement, she’d embarrassed Mastekh and now the poor Rainstorm was practically green all over.

“Don’t be jealous, Jessie,” he reproved lightly.

Grunting from the none-too-gentle buffet of his substantial tail, Jesral dipped under Estenarven and brushed an apologetic wing against Mastekh’s. “Sorry, Puddle. I was teasing him not you.”

Still a deep shade of green, Mastekh ducked his head and mumbled something about joining Kalaha before sinking out of sight.

“Thanks,” Estenarven growled.

Jesral had enough sense to dip her head as she drifted alongside him. “He shouldn’t be so sensitive,” she muttered, defiance and a touch of apology warring in her tone.

“He is who he is,” Estenarven replied, allowing her to hear the affection and warning in his words. “He has no need to change.” Clan Flowflight dragons were prone to being more sensitive than others, possibly because of their watery natures, possibly because of all the Clans the Cloud Curse had affected them the most, covering their ancient heartlands and leaving many of them lost.

By the same measure, Jesral and the other Skystorm dragons tended to act first and think later, rolling over their fellows like a storm in full force. That didn’t mean they couldn’t learn to have a little consideration for others, though.

Take care, my lovelies, wherever in the world you may be.

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